Identifying files not added to plex library



Ok so I'm in the process of uploading my entire (roughly 7tb - it is a long process) of media libraries to my plex cloud server.

I've noticed that some files aren't showing up in the plex library. For example: In the movies folder on the cloud, I currently have 395 different movies all in m4v format - each movie is in it's own directory with a subtitles file and I have grouped the directories in 8 sub directories (by letter grouping i.e. #-b, c-e, f-h etc - each of these has approximately 60 movie folders in it).

When I add the "Movie" directory to the "Movie" library in Plex - I get only 393 Movies.

I was experiencing a similar problem before when I just had about 600 movies files in a single directory but I haven't experienced this problem with local/nas files at all since I implemented the naming/directory convention above.

Is there a known issue around this - that maybe has a workaround in place?

Any way to get/print/export a plaintext list of all the movies in a library so I can try to figure out which files are missing and troubleshoot further?

I'm really trying to avoid having to do this by hand.

Any help or ideas would be apprecaited


There isn't a way to do this on the Shield. Once thing you can check is using Plex Web, enter your movie library, then change the view from "all" to "duplicates". This will identify if any movies have become combined into 1.


There isn't a way to do this on the Shield

bah, I didn't realize I posted this in the shield forum - my bad - I'm playing it on a shield but managing the plex cloud from my pc.

This will identify if any movies have become combined into 1.

I have zero duplicate files, but I should have about 20 more items than the library is counting.

For example: I have 120 movies in 120 separate folders but when I scan the parent directory, Plex only identifies and adds 100 titles to my library.

I'd like to see if there was any way to discover what those items are without having to manually compare the lists.


There isn't a way using Plex. However, there are a few manual ways you can do it which might be easier than looking at the posters.

1 - Run the "scan library files" for your movie library, then download the logs from your server and check the "plex media scanner.log" file. This will list all the directories it scanned. You can then extract this list and using some other tool, like a spreadsheet, to do the comparison for you.

2 - Using Plex Web, download the database from your server. This will have info on the files it found and you could also do a manual comparison with this info.