Incorrectly Mapped Audio Multichannel





So on the recently released Plex app for Ps3, anytime I play a video with multichannel audio, the channels are incorrectly mapped. The Center (dialogue) Channel plays out of the right speaker, etc. Most of my files are AAC 5.1 files. I have an Onkyo 7.1 system. When I use plex as just a basic DLNA all the files play fine and in the proper 5.1 setup on my ps3, this only happens when using the new app. Any ideas?


Same problem. Messed around in the Plex server audio settings but still same issue. Too bad, I love the Plex app interface.


Same audio issue here on the PS4 and PS3. The app plays movies with the downmixed AAC 5.1 Dolby Pro Logic II audio with the center track going to the right speaker(Yamaha receiver). Problem goes away when I switch the audio track to the raw AC3 5.1 passthrough data. I usually encode my videos with both audio tracks.

NOTE: You have to pause the movie while switching the audio option to use the AC3 audio track (when the track exists) -- it doesn't change if you switch it while the movie's playing.

Because of this, I switched the primary audio to AC3 audio when I encode movies and the secondary audio track is now a downmixed AAC Dolby Surround (2-channel) track.

NOTE 2: In the Plex movie display (click on the movie on the Plex library browser) it lets you select which audio track to use as default if Plex finds more than one audio track.

P.S. Anyon else having issues with anamorphic widescreen movies being distorted with the PS3/4 app?


I'm having the issues useing ps3 and pioneer receiver with HDMI.


Same issues here with 5.1 audio. Also ac3 mono audio, I get no sound at all on PS3.

EDIT: I just started a movie with 5.1 audio on the PS3 in Plex, and the 5.1 audio is now playing correctly.

Still no audio with ac3 mono movie tracks


Another user with the same multichannel mapping troubles:


Filing an issue to investigate this. It would be very helpful if a couple of you all could post the media information and PM me a sample with the audio mis mapped. See the tail of this post for details:


I've narrowed this down on my system. All file are on a local server, but I'm unsure how the Plex client on PS3 works since you have to have a plex pass to use it.I'm assuming the files are playing locally. AAC 5.1 audio is mapped wrong. Center channel plays out of front right. AC3 1.0 I get no audio at all.

Originally AC3 5.1 and DTS 5.1 were playing with audio mapping problems, but as of yesterday, the issued has gone away. Not sure why as I've made no changes to any settings.


in checking after reading the posts and after posting my original "Another user with the same multichannel mapping troubles: https://forums.plex....nt-audio-issue/ "

on my system as wel   AAC 5.1 center is mapped to the right chanel  were  AC3 5.1 is correctly coming out the center.


Checked AC3 option under Receiver capabilities in the PS3 app and it fixed the problem. The video was DTS 5.1. Haven't tried any other video yet.


Interestingly enough I am seeing an issue with only videos I rip from DVD in both AAC and AC3 formats - I lose most of the right speaker it gets only some audio and very quite and only the left plays sound and voice tracks.

I am converting from both DVD originals and from ISO files I have on my media machine. I was hoping to convert the library over for Plex but a large portion of the files are failing to keep full audio. I would be happy to test or assist with troubleshooting.

I am on Win10 computers, playing the files directly on the plex core and off of another via web client.
example file i have been working with is the movie Life:


Video Resolution 480p
Duration 1:43:58
Bitrate 2090 kbps
Width 856
Height 480
Aspect Ratio 1.78
Container MP4
Video Frame Rate NTSC
Web Optimized Yes
Audio Profile lc
Has 64bit Offsets 0
Video Profile main


Duration 1:43:58
File LIFE.mp4
Size 1.52 GB
Audio Profile lc
Container MP4
Has 64bit Offsets 0
Web Optimized Yes
Video Profile main

Codec H264
Bitrate 1842 kbps
Language English
Bit Depth 8
Chroma Subsampling 4:2:0
Frame Rate 29.97 fps
Height 480
Level 4.1
Profile main
Ref Frames 2
Stream Identifier 1
Width 856

Codec AAC
Channels 5.1
Bitrate 248 kbps
Language English
Audio Channel Layout 5.1
Profile lc
Sampling Rate 48000 Hz
Stream Identifier 2

Let me know if there is information I can add.