is being signed in to a plex account a requirement for making my content available remotely?


i'm trying to make my content be available remotely.

i run my own dns servers, etc so i don't need any type of "broker" type service to help me "find" my content on the internet.

i have static ip addresses, have created a public hostname in the dns, and have verified that traffic can get from the internet to the plex server on port 32400.

i did not sign in to the plex server with an account.

when i use the plex ios app i head to settings > advanced > server connections to add my ip address and port. when i save the ip address and port number i get an "error code: 401" (which basically means authorization required).

so, i'm back to my question of "do i need to be signed in to a plex account to make my content available remotely?" (my thinking is that if i do need to be signed in to make my content available remotely that that is ridiculous.)

thanks for any insight.

macOS 10.12.5
plex server

plex iOS 4.14


There are some more knowledgeable folks that will, probably, be along shortly but: It makes since that a logged in account is needed on both sides since the sharing is done account to account.


i understand that for plex pass subscribers this might makes sense (to grant permission to access premium content) but otherwise i disagree that it makes sense. the only content on the server is my content. the line of communication needs to be between the server and the client/device. there is no reason that plex needs to be in the middle (not even as a broker, since i already know where my content can be found on the internet.)


But the sharing is from account to account through the Plex system. If you want to share without Plex accounts involved then all you need do is use existing tools to connect the remote device to your network so it appears as a local client. While that is a somewhat complex process it avoids using the Plex accounts. It would be just like having a server and a client on your network and neither signed into Plex. That is doable with most clients using manual IP addresses.


Yea, for remote use, from what I understand, aims remote clients at your server, 'cause it knows where it is at all times. If you don't have the radio on the dispatcher can't send you to the crime.

At least that's the way I envision it in my mind while I'm streaming The Twilight Zone on my phone while sitting in the Dr's Office waiting room - server and client signed in.



You must be signed in to enable remote access. A Plex Pass account is not required.

Go to Settings -> Server -> Remote Access.
If you are not signed in, you see the following:

If you are signed in and everything is configured correctly, you see the following: