Is there an agent which supports multiple edits of a film?



I've been using and liking TheMovieDB for a while.

But I'm getting frustrated that there's no recognition (insomuch as I can find) which lets me assign different edits of a film, such as unendorsed ones, like the Hobbit reduction fan edit, or the Star Wars prequel reductions (de-Jar Jar-ification/Anti Cheese edit). Or the more endorsed ones, like the various Star Wars official releases or the Blade Runner Directors Cuts and Final Cuts etc (none of which are even acknowledged from what I can find).

Ideally, these extra edits would be found as alternative titles. I've managed these using my personal media library, but it would be great to source these from an automated means.

Is there one which would do this?


Plex handle that as the same title, the movie will have multiple file selectable files under a single plex movie entry:

You could edit themoviedb, but unsure their content rules allow for that
The most logical is to use a metadata source that does store this information, and the only that come to mind is the fanedit database, and an agent was started there:


I want the as well. Also for Music. I have so many edits of some movies that I’ve take to storing them as local-info TV shows. Which really sucks.

The suggestion to use Multi Version Movies is specifically rejected in the provided link.:

Note: This feature is not intended for situations where you might have, for instance, both a “theatrical” and “director’s cut” version of a movie. Likewise, it is not appropriate for 2D vs 3D versions. Those situations are best handled by Splitting the movie into separate Library items.

Rather they are "for versions “that have different resolutions or encoding formats”


Thinking about it, the solution might be to be able to tag individual files which are matched and merged to identify their properties, so when you go “play version” you don’t just get resolution and bitrate, but also (or instead) you get a custom title (original, director’s cut, cinematic cut, screener, cam etc) and the version length.


or you go and like some of those feature requests…


I just split those into different movies and label them accordingly.


@Thunderburro said:
I just split those into different movies and label them accordingly.

I’d rather a more elegant approach, where Plex can detect and sort these itself.