Issues with the configuration of a remote control




I am using rasplex on a Pi 3 and have a remote controle named "Febite backlit".
This remote seems to work but all the buttons are not well recognize by rasplex and i want to configure it properly.

So i have find this tutorial

But when i launch the command : irrecord -d /dev/lirc0 ~/.config/lircd.conf
irrecord don't find anything and drop me with the message

Press RETURN now to start recording.
No data for 10 secs, aborting

Why do you think it does not work ?

Thanks for your help !


are you trying to configure it as an infrared remote with remotepi board or as a wireless keyboard?

because that guide is for infrared controllers and you really dont need that


I would like to configure it as an infrared remote ... so I don't understand how to do it. Sorry maybe it's a noob question, but i am lost...


Stupid question, what board are you using for reading the ir information?


I feel very stupid, because I don't understand your question...
If I try to explain my need differently, I have bought this wireless remote control which have a keyboard in the back, to be able first to navigate easily into my plex player (PI 3) and after to be able to use the keyboard if needed (search for example)
The up down left and right buttons of the front of my remote control works very well, but when I want to validate a selection, the OK button in the middle of the arrow button doesn't work, i have to turn the remote control and press the "return" button in the keyboard. that's not very practicle.
So I try to find the way not to have to turn the remote each time I want to play a video or validate a choice in the menu and make this "OK" button work.


Ok, you need to remap the buttons on a new keyboard.xml
But first, please figure it out if you are using a bluetooth keyboard, a remote keyboard with a dongle or an infrared keyboard, because they all map differently.

follow this guide, its of course for CEC commands but you will be able to check all inputs and build a keymap that should work for you.

if by any chance you get something like CLinuxInputDevice::KeyEvent: TranslateKey returned XBMCK_UNKNOWN from code(316) from the debug then you are out of luck and that key cant be remaped