Keep showing Lyrics?


Loving Plexamp but having to click the LYR button is annoying. Any way to keep this option enabled all the time? If not, is it a technical issue or a licensing issue that prevents it?


It’s a licensing issue, each lyric costs money :smile:


Why not support lyrics embedded in the files metadata? no costs included in that routine, no?


We allow user-provided lyrics ~

We could move to keeping lyrics around if there are user-provided lyrics, that might be an interesting thing to do.


Wouldn’t it be easier to add support for ID3v1, ID3v2 tags which is what is used when users add lyrics to a song in iTunes or use some metadata editing software. I’d love to see this. Adding a single txt file for each song feels painful and would mean all the work I have done to add lyrics to songs is not supported by Plex.


Hello, I have all my lyrics embedded in ID3-Tags.
Does somebody knows a program to extract the lyrics from ID3 and to save them in the manner required by PLEX? I am using macOS X. Thank You!


I’ve just now started to play my music via Plex. The biggest feature gap by far is that it doesn’t support the lyrics I’ve painstakingly embedded in each file (I have tens of thousands of songs with lyrics embedded in this manner, via ID3 tags).

Please implement support for lyrics in ID3 tags!


Said it before and I still believe it would be so much better, if Plex just supported ID3 tags for lyrics. Not sure why they don’t. Might be a selling point for Plex Pass which supports some form of lyrics (not user controlled). But maybe now that even PlexPass users are complaining hopefully they may reconsider the state of lyrics in Plex Music.