Meta data on external HD



Hey all.

I ran out of room on the SD card on my raspberry pi 2, so I moved my Application\ Support dir onto an external HD.

I then installed PMS on a larger SD card. I tried updating the etc/default/plexmediaserver.prev file in my new PMS set up to point to my copy of the Application \ Support dirt that is now on my external HD. This didn't seem to effect the Metadata on my server at all. For instance, I have several collections and there are zero showing on the server.

I then tried just replacing the Metadata dir in var/lib/plexmediaserver/Library/Application\ Support/Plex\ Media\ Server/ dir with the one backed up on my hard drive. Still nothing.

I'm sure I'm doing something silly, just not sure what.

Thanks in advance!


You should probably give this a good read

It’s not good to move just the Metadata directory. You’re leaving all the linkage information behind. (it’s in the database)


Thanks @ChuckPA ! That explains it. :frowning:️ I botched that up.

I copied the whole Application Support folder, is it possible to get my posters and backgrounds (the actual files) and then just set them all manually again?

I’m not even sure if I copied the dir that those would be stored inside.


Don’t cp use tar and chown (if needed), then set the override as instructed (it’s why I wrote the procedure… No shortcuts! :smiley: )


Thanks @ChuckPA! Looks like you have a lot of very helpful articles. That will be very helpful to a newb such as myself.