metaMMA - A program for adding meta-data for MMA events




metaMMA is for users who add popular MMA event videos to their Plex Media Server. It can monitor your video source directory, move the video files, rename the video files, add a .nfo file with pertinent meta-data (such as fight cards, participant names, location, venue), and add event posters. The whole program is just a set of scripts written in Python that run periodically.


Installation instructions can be found on the Github wiki for Linux/Pi, macOS, and Windows. XBMC .nfo Importer by Plex forum user gboudreau is required, but very easy to install.


Plex Dashboard

Plex dashboard

Individual Event with "Prelims" as Local Extras

individual event

Individual Event with Expanded Plot (Showing fight card/weight-class/participants)

expanded plot


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This is awesome! Very appreciated.