MPEG2 HW decode on DS718+ (J3455)?



Just curious if there have been any developments on this, or if there's a specific thread I should watch on this topic? This is the last piece of the puzzle needed to remove the cable box from my life. :)


Just keep an eye on the PMS release thread.
I can’t say more than “SOOOOOOOOOOO close”. Hear me? :slight_smile:


Loud and clear, thank you sir :slight_smile:


@ChuckPA Do you know if the hardware deinterlacing could be a show stopper on this, for those of us with 916/716 hardware? ( @jpirotte and I found that issue in a preview).


I’m not sure what is meant by ‘show stopper’ but if meaning “not going to work at all” , it’s not been an issue with what I’ve seen so far . The transcoder already supports different types of deinterlacing. It’s also trivial to use Yadif send_frame even if a field which results, in the US, with 59.94 frames/sec and no flutter. (yadif send_frame will alternate replacing the appropriate lines before the composite is sent IF I understand it correctly to avoid loss of temporal resolution)


I guess I mean show stopper by the fact the current build doesn’t work on the 916. So what you are saying (in all that technical speak I don’t understand), is that it shouldn’t be an issue, just something with the build we were using (which I know was very, very early). If so, that would be fantastic.


Current development versus what was originally seen almost cannot be compared.
The N3710 in the DS916+ is itself vastly different than the J3455 in the DS918+.
The N3710 is a Braswell. The J3455 is an ApolloLake. That’s quite a jump in base architecture alone (400 Mhz -> 750 Mhz) in addition to the generational evolution of the silicon


@ChuckPA That was the point of my question. I’m sure things will work out on the 918, but is this going to be a no-go on the 916.


Will it de-interlace? Yes.
Will the hardware de-interlaced image from a DS916 look as good the hardware de-interlaced image from a DS918? No. That’s the silicon age difference I’m speaking to.

It that difference unacceptable to you? I am not able to judge by your standards without seeing what you see


@ChuckPA No, I have no issues with the quality, I honestly don’t care much about quality, as long as it works. The issue is that the image freezes every 1-2 seconds when HW transcoding 1080I MPEG2, as if the processor isn’t keeping up. In the preview thread, it was mentioned most likely due to the processor not keeping up with de-interlacing, as HW de-interlacing isn’t supported (See here: ).


The reason it’s currently freezing is because the CPU isn’t strong enough to do the job in software. MPEG2 is not yet done in hardware. SHORTLY it will be. I’ve been testing precisely that


If I may also clarify & remind:

The initial release of hardware assisted transcoding covers H.264 and HEVC codecs. At no point was MPEG2 asserted as supported.
MPEG2 has always been CPU based and will be until formal release of HW-based codecs.


@ChuckPA, is today’s update the one you were referring to ( It unfortunately behaves the same way @silence21 and I reported on the transcoder preview. 1080i MPEG2 content with HW transcoding does not keep up and has to rebuffer every 10 or so seconds. I’m hoping this is just a stepping stone to better MPEG2 support since this release only states that it’s for the newer version of ffmpeg as opposed to supporting more formats.

Unfortunately for the time bing, this makes HW transcoding unuseable since it improves 50% of shows at the expense of making it unusable for the other 50%. If only it could be enabled for only what would work instead of all/nothing.


Let me go find out what should be enabled for everyone.

I’ve been largely offline due to equipment issue.

I will be mostly unavailable today for personal health issue. I’ll get back to you asap


no problem, thanks!


@jpirotte Thanks for posting, I had kinda given up, cause its seemed the @ChuckPA wasn’t understanding my question. Probably my fault!




I knew precisely what you were asking:

The reason it’s currently freezing is because the CPU isn’t strong enough to do the job in software. MPEG2 is not yet done in hardware. SHORTLY it will be. I’ve been testing precisely that


I’m just now getting home (loooooooong day). I haven’t had time to kick 1.13.0 around and see what’s there. It should be there but be warned YMMV (it’s still beta).



@ChuckPA I was using the transcoder preview, which was using HW Transcoding, but failing on 1080i content.


Which PMS version was that preview?


@ChuckPA we were both testing I think there was confusion on whether we were talking about hardware transcoding of MPEG2 in general or more specifically HW deinterlacing, which is the issue we were seeing. 720p MPEG2 worked great in the preview but 1080i could not keep up.