Music Release Dates Are Wrong



I have a Plex Premium Music library and when I sort the albums by release date, I can see that the release dates in Plex are all wrong. There are a bunch of albums that have January 1, 2015 as the release date and no albums newer than that. I tried enabled the agent to scan and use embedded metadata in the files. The dates in the embedded metdata are correct (I've used MusicBrainz Picard to tag my collection properly), but Plex seems to ignore the date altogether.

Any advice?


I have the same problem. Release dates work for flac and mp4 music files but for mp3 the dates always say January 1st even though I have tagged them correctly (using ID3 tags in MusicBrainz Picard). Pretty annoying that Plex won't read the tags correctly!


This appears to still be an issue. I just added a FLAC album to Plex with 2016-05-06 set as the date, but Plex shows the release date as January 1, 2016. Anyone else have this problem? Plex is almost a great music client but this bug is a big one for me.


I also have this problem and it’s an issue for syncing recently released albums to my phone.


I have the same problem. Year is right, but most dates are Jan 1. Need to use actual full release date.


any update on this getting a fix?


I’ve been seeing the same issue for quite some time. Haven’t seen any response from devs.

Large majority of dates return Jan 1 with the Year the only data that changes. Not really any point to having this sorting as an option if it’s not functional. Disappointing.


This is also an issue on Linux PMS, and has been for me for some time (all FLAC, Premium library). Many album dates have the correct year, but almost all have 01-01 for the month/day. @elan is this an issue with the metadata source, or is Plex not parsing dates?