Need the Plex.deb for my Netgear Ready NAS



Hello, yesterday I updated my NAS Server. After this Plex was not working. So I installed Plex. Unfortunately in the applications of Netgear there is no Plex App. So I need a new deb file - but on the Plex Site and also in the Internet I couldn't find it.
Has anyone this deb.file for me or could you tell me where to find. Thanks a lot


for which model NAS?


Sorry, NAS Ready 104


check this? ->


Thanks, yesterday the new file has not been online - Netgear was missing.


Hi, I am with similar problem! My ReadyNas + Plex was working very good until 1 week ago and it seems now that ReadyNAS server is not available (not available for Plex but also for other devices e.g. SmartTV).
Although I have installed Plex software (correct version) Plex disappear from Home page and also is not in Apps tab…
I checked the register and there are lines with the message ‘System: It is not possible to install Plex App’

any thoughts?
Thank you very much in advance!!