New player permanent progress bar



How can I get rid of the new thin permanent progress bar that persists at the bottom of the screen in the new web player when the video is full screen. (Chrome on Win 10) it's quite distracting. I don't want to know how long is left on a show/movie.


Hi, I got the same issue, did you find out what caused it?


(asked for more details over in )


Nope, but seemed to get sorted in the last couple of months. I’ve given up asking for help from Plex to be honest. Any time there are issues with a new update or feature, I scout the forums or ask a question and find nothing. Then everything just seems to eventually get resolved a year later. Great....


Ah, there were two different bugs here. In September last year we had a bug in the desktop app where fullscreen windows still showed a slither of a progress bar. My recollection was that this was quickly fixed. We don't always get around to going back through the forums and updating posts with the fix, but we probably should. That would help your scouting.

The second issue was a recent regression in the Xbox app. Edge was interpreting some styling differently from Chrome/Safari. That's also now fixed. I was seeking clarification in case it was a different issue again.


I just started seeing a very thin orange progress bar at the bottom in full screen mode on my chromebox . Running Plex Version server with the web interface in the Chrome browser, NOT the Android app on Chrome OS. My chromebox is running Version 66.0.3359.203 (Official Build) (64-bit). The line is driving me crazy. Any solutions or work arounds?