Newly created accounts are unable to view subfolders and files in plex folder in File Station.



Hi there,

I have my plex folder set up in my NAS with full permissions granted to all signed in users, however, at some point, one of my user accounts which has never had problems before is suddenly is unable to view any of the contents of the folder and is only able to see the top directory. I’m guessing this may have started happening after getting the latest Plex update from my package center but I’m not sure. This issue also occurs for any newly created accounts, even after giving read/write permissions to the folder. Has anyone got an idea of why this may be?



Please do not put anything in the Plex share. By doing so, you’re having PMS scan itself. This causes crazy insane problems.

I created the Plex share and made it visible to everyone so you can grab logs or add Plug-ins only.
I did not create it to house your media.

If I hide the Plex share again, it makes fixing issues very problematic… You’d need to use the command line for everything.

The best solution for you

  1. Create a regular Share for each type of media / however you want it organized.
  2. As you’re creating the share, on the last page of the Wizard, give user plex read-only permission when you give yourself read-write.
  3. Click Apply.

To recover from this:

  1. Create the new share(s)
  2. Right click on your media folders in the Plex share and Move to the new share where you want them. You might need to do some shuffling when you get there (move up one level) but that’s easy (cut/paste stuff)
  3. When complete, point PMS at your media shares. Remove all references to the Plex share.


Hi Chuck,
Thank you for your quick and and very user friendly answer. That seems to have fixed the original issue I was having.