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Hi all.
So, I've got the PMS running on Linux Mint in the living room, and in the family room I've got a Pi Zero W with a JustBoom DAC and Rasplex on it. I've been able to get Rasplex to see my music library in Mint, and when the Pi is connected via HDMI, I can get audio output from it. But what I'd like to do is have the Pi running headlessly in the family room, and output via the JustBoom DAC so I can run the audio through my amp. The problem is, I don't see the JustBoom DAC as an option under Audio Output Device, so I get no sound. The amp I'd like to use is old, so using HDMI on it isn't an option.

Here's part of my config.txt:

>>>>>>>> RasPlex default settings override <<<<<<<<<

Required overlay for LIRC to function


Required for hyperion / lightberry


Uncomment to enable the sdhost driver


Uncomment to enable HiFiBerry overlay

NOTE: You must disable the lirc-rpi overlay (or change lirc GPIO pin) for HiFiBerry to work correctly






End of default configuration

Thanks for your help.



I'm kind of in the same place as you... but Not ready to test yet.....

I don't know if this will work on this distribution ... you may have to ensure the modules are available on the base OS, but this is how I configured Volumio to re divert the sound output via I2s. (I have a homemade non oversampling DAC attached).

• Use pico/nano  to edit the /etc/modules file
    ○ pico /etc/modules
    ○ Pico is WYSIWYG
    ○ Delete the contents 
    ○ Replace with this


    ○ Save the file ctrl o
• Reboot the pi
           Type reboot at # prompt!

This is straight cut from my notes... I suggest you backup the current Modules file beforehand...

let us know how you get on..