No Internet No Plex?



…just an observation the other day when my ISP went down, briefly

I was unable to view Plex from my ATV3 is that right?

I could view movies from Droid and iPad clients, just not Apple TV

obviously my ATV3 is pushing DNS requests to my Synology NAS (Private IPv4 address schema 172.16.x.x) so that I can use the TRAILERS icon.

and my router provides a private resolution for a fully qualified name should anything ask for that…

but I was surprised to only get the following two icons when the Internet plug was pulled

Should I investigate further or is this how Apple TV3 behaves when the Internet goes black?
(doesnt happen much, so never worried before)


I personally create a hotspot on my phone to load the icons on the aTV while dns is set to auto then once they are loaded I point the aTV dns back to my normal plexconnect host and sign out of plex on pms to use plexconnect locally whenever I lose my normal isp.


so in the event normal ISP access is down the AppleTV is pretty useless as an internal only device?

I follow what you are doing by creating a hotspot, unfortunately it wouldn’t help me as cell phone coverage is next to nothing here and I rely on a cellphone booster, which uses the normal ISP net. No net, means no cellphone: is how it works in my home.

was just surprised that no net meant no Apple TV to watch films via Plex

i can still DS video and AirPlay, but have been trying to adopt Plex full time


No net doesn’t mean no plex. Just don’t reset your aTV when you lose your normal ISP next time.


@wahlman.j said:
No net doesn’t mean no plex. Just don’t reset your aTV when you lose your normal ISP next time.

sorry I’ll rephrase: no net no plex via AppleTV3. I could get to it via droid and iPad

I didn’t reset it. When I turned it on that was the screen I got which I assumed was due to a lack of Internet/real world DNS

…because ATV diverts its DNS requests to my Synology (to make PlexConnect work), I figured I would still be able to use the Trailers button, but Apple TV seems to hide all buttons in the event that the net is turned off


aTV requires internet to boot up so it can load the storeFront (apps). Once it has done so even if you lose internet you can still use plex since all the apps are still loaded. The apps will not disappear if you lose internet unless you reboot the aTV or it reboots it self due to a memory crash (rare).