Nvidia Shield plex Issue - watched shows flags



hi all having issue on my nvidia shield with google adroid tv box, i have tv shows i have completely watch and on plex web is fine shows correctly that all shows are watched, but on the plex app on my nvidia shield some tv shows although completely watched show over 100 unwatched episodes when there are only 10 total in the library strange thing is when i go into the tv show itself it shows they are all watched is just shows the orange box in the corner saying 100 but going into the tv show seasons its all watched, another example is tv show blacklist in the tv show list shows i have 3 to watch when i go into it all episodes show as watched, and even marking all as watched does not resolve, i uninstalled the plex for nvisia shield app reinstalled but it does the exact same thing again, but as said on the plex web in web browser im not seeing this seems to be a bug in the plex app for shield anyone from plex admin care to comment?? this only started to happen a couple of updates ago so it must be something that was changed in an update


Can confirm still broken in on my Shield. Tried force stop and cache clear. Issue still persists.