Odroid C2 4K Flickering?



I've purchased an Odroid C2 and flashed OpenPHT onto a micro sd card. It has setup perfectly however I can't use 4k. When I play a 4K movie the image and sound cuts in and out. If I go into settings and select 3840x2160 resolution, regardless or frequesency, the image flickers. I've used the same cable and HDMI input on my tv to run a Fire TV at 4k so can't image it anything to do with that. Any ideas?


I have a few C2's and haven't noticed the issue you're discussing. You've changed the preferences to Direct Play 4K (and HEVC), correct? One of those is off, by default.


I think so, the 4k video files were direct playing. Also the problem occurs in the menus when nothing is playing if I select 3840x2160 resolution.


Personally, I'd leave the GUI at 1920x1080, as long as you have the 4K Direct Play box checked, the app should switch resolutions at the start of the movie. I'd also recommend ensuring that you leave "sync playback to display" off and turn on "Adjust Display Refresh Rate" to "At Start/Stop." Is the Odriod hardwired with gigabit? How is the source setup (local NAS, remote access, etc)?