Open PHT for QNAP



Hi Guys,

does anybody know a webside where I can download Open PHT 1.6.0 and Open PHT 1.6.2?

The reason is simple. I had to reinstall Open PHT and directly installed 1.8.0. But since this time all my videos have image artifacts when I start playing them.

I remember at the beginning when I bought my QNAP NAS that installing first 1.6.0 and afterwards (at this time) installing 1.7.0 solved my problem. Hopefully this time as well. I had also image artifacts with 1.7.0 when I directly installed it.

So maybe anybody knows a link :)

Thank you

all the best Stefan



You can also find dedicated QPKG builds for both OpenPHT and the Plex PMP public release to be used with QNAP's HD Station which are provided by father_mande.


@dan-the-man- said:

First of all, thank you for the link. Can you help me, which version is the correct one for my QNAP-NAS? Thank you!


which version is the correct one for QNAP-NAS based on INTEL (TS-453A)
from the link: