OpenPHT 1.8.0 crashed when start (Windows10).



Hello, I have a problems with OpenPHT. I installed it, run and working some days. But today when I try run it crashed at start. I try uninstall and install again but the app doesn`t working at all.


I run a few different versions of OPHT- embedded and on win 7. I ran it on win 10 for awhile before I switched to embedded. I ran into so many issues with Win 10 with any client (kodi, PMP and OPHT) that I got fed up with it and bailed on 10.


The Plex application from Microsoft Store working ok but hasnt function "gapless" for music so its annoying when I listen album which are gapless between tracks :/ OpenPHT can play without gap but actually didnt work at my computer :/ And i dont know why :/


do you have the latest and proper video/audio drivers installed on windows 10?


@daniel.cull yeap, all drivers are latest, any problems with devices on windows 10. Native Plex application working ok but don`t have gapless music player :confused: