Option for manually downloading subtitles



I'm used to XBMC's way of handling subtitles. You add the agents and then once in  a movie or a tv show, you click "subtitles" and you get a list of subtitles available for that movie or Tv show from that specific agent/source/scraper.

There is no way of doing that in Plex. I've enabled subtitles on my Plex server but this is hit or miss kind of deal. Majority of shows will not have any subtitle option and since there is no way to add this in realtime (as in, choosing one while you play it), one will have to manually download the file by manually go to a source with a browser, then take that file and rename it, and finally add it to the the Library. This is so cumbersome that I will never do such. Furthermore, a force refresh is required once a change in subtitles in Agents in the server settings.


Is there a plan to add a feature to be able to download subtitles from within a Plex client and/or web interface, either before playing the file or during of Plex has not previously found one?

The same goes with trailers. If one is not found by Plex, an option to manually select one from a different source would be nice.


After looking in plenty of places in the forum and elsewhere, I gather this:

Plex can only download the subtitles upon refresh an/or import of new media. If something is not properly found on OpenSubtitles, nothing will be downloaded.

The user is then stuck with having to manually download the file. Just as an example, the movie Arbitrage has plenty of subtitles to choose from, but Plex does not download any of them


So by able to choose one until it matches would be great.

There is in other words, there's no way to either change the subtitle that was automatically downloaded (in many cases, the subtitle is out of sync or wrong), or add one via the web interface or Plex app.

This is handled beautifully by XBMC and this is the ONLY missing feature of Plex (for me). I currently have a Plex pass, but I doubt I will be renewing if this is not an option as I will then continue using XBMC at home. I no longer want a dedicated powerful topbox for each TV at home (which XBMC requires), so replacing them all with Plex (either via Chromecast or a small cheap topbox) would be awesome.

So please, add the ability to manually add/change subtitles for both TV shows and Movies on the fly via the Plex client or web interface.

Once this is in place, it would be awesome to be able to delay or speed the subtitle up, in case it is slightly off. Again, XBMC handles this perfectly.


You can use plex tools from the unsupported store. I also am looking for a good xbmc kind of method but at this moment nothing works as Well. But plex tools is a good temporary method


yeah, i use plex tool on my IPAD whilst watching on my main screen (mac mini PHT). So it's kinda realtime :) 


yeah, i use plex tool on my IPAD whilst watching on my main screen (mac mini PHT). So it's kinda realtime :)

i see we use the same methode, also a mac mini with PHT and the iPad. Works great, but a really good menu option for downloading subitles is needed.


3 years later and nothing has changed. I'm baffled to why this is not an option.


+for this. Add manual finder for subtitles on player. Opensubtitles at minimum, language selector and a list view for different versions. Kodi has perfect example.