play button in the middle of the screen ... REALLY ?!?


how can I remove the INCREDIBLE IMBECILE play button from the middle of the screen in pause mode ?!?

I mean REALLY, I don't know the rest of the people, but I want to see better an image, a detail, a face, etc. and after press pause, a really big spot appear in the middle of the screen to ruin the picture for good, in the name of WHAT ?!? ... EXACTLY don't miss the play button ? prove to me that is it pause mode ... WHAT ?!?


I completely agree. Annoying!

I seen a request a few years ago from 1 person who asked for it when he said he accidentally keeps on clicking it by mistake on his tablet. One other person gave it a like and it appears they implemented the change.

It would be nice to have the option to add or remove that button in settings.


Welcome to Plex App Development...

If a Plex App can suck - it will.


I just figured it out. They use politicians for their focus groups cos we all know they have their finger on the pulse and know what's what.