Playback distortion/rainbows with bright scenes on original quality playback



Has anyone else experienced playback distortion with bright scenes? I get like a rainbow flash during playback but only when playing at original quality. If I force transcode the file plays back fine. If I play at original on my computer it plays fine. I'm going to try to get a picture of what I mean, but it's easiest to hit on animated films since they have a lot of bright scenes.

Storks: all over the place
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: fairly regularly
The Nice Guys: enough to be annoying.

Thanks for any help.


I recorded a short video starting around the 8minute mark to show the bad artifacting and corruption.

This only occurs when playing back on the shield: PMS is running on a separate server
Plex on the computer (also directplay) has no playback problems
VLC has no playback problems with the file
Transcoding on the PMS allows the file to play fine, but obviously I would prefer to directstream.

Storks was copied using makemkv and was not-reencoded.
DVDFab mkv pass-through produces the same result.

Thanks for any help/confirmation.


So I now believe my problem to be identical to this thread over on the plex/appletv forum:

But after struggling for an hour, I cannot get the suggested workaround (forcing transcoding on specific h264 content via profiles) to work. I guess I'll keep updating here, but hopefully someone has already been down this road and can help me out.


Have you been able to fix this issue? I seem to have the same issue