Playing music by folder?



Hey guys,

I was wondering if there is an option to play music by folder. I just want to be able to select one or multiple folders, and add them to the playing queue. Where can I do this? I haven't found the option yet.

It would seem ridiculous to me that this basic function isn't there, so I guess I just haven't found it yet?

Thanks already!


"It would seem ridiculous to me that this basic function isn't there..."
I think you are right, there is no such option, and this is ridiculous. Reason enough to change the system. I think everybody with a huge, over time grown, music library has his music sorted in folders and needs this feature desperatley. In my opinion that would be the very first option to be implemented in a system that plays music.


A year has passed and still it's impossible to play a folder or to add a folder to the queue. This is basic functionality!


we need this a soon as possible is just a basic functionality that should be in the first place, please added!!!


Yes, the ability to play by folder is critical. If anybody knows of another product that will allow me to organize music by folder and stream it from my linux server to my Sonos system, I'd be willing to pay for that. I have no idea why the plex developers wouldn't include this functionality. Tags are cute and shiny but organizing things by folder seems so much more natural, intuitive, and flexible to me.


Sorry, I should have been more specific. This probably isn't the correct place for me to have posted my gripe. What I really want is for the Sonos client on my Android phone to be able to view and play my music by folder. Currently my music is in a Plex library on a linux laptop. It's possible that the plex server has that ability but the Android Sonos client hasn't implemented the functionality yet.