Plex 4K Direct Play issue



I'm having trouble direct playing to my LG UJ6300 (connected via ethernet)
The video will stream for a few seconds and then buffer then play then buffer and so on. I've watched task manager while playing the video and resources are nowhere near full tilt. I've also monitored plex and it says Direct Play, so it's doesn't seem to be a transcoding issue.

File Information
Size 68.3GB
Bitrate of 77.9 Mb/s
Resolution 3840x2160 HEVC HDR10
Audio 16bit AC-3 audio

Server Specs
Windows 10
FE 1080
Ryzen 7 1700
250 GB Samsung 850 EVO

File Location / Router info
The file is stored on a WD red on another pc, both of them have GIG lan cards and my modem/router is a Netgear Nighthawk.

I know this is a lot of information but I am in desperate need of help!


It’s your tv then. My iPad Pro can stream the same type of file but takes a second to start playing. Maybe the app on your tv isn’t using hardware decoding to play it back. And that’s over WiFi

ASUS RT-AC3100 router.

Also you didn’t lost your server cpu.

My gaming rig/server is running;

Windows 10
64GB ram
512GB NVME boot
512GB SSD stprage
6TB x1

GTX 1080Ti FE
CPU; i7-5960x

I can stream my 10-bit (I think) 4K 60-FPS file over my network to my iPad Pro with no hiccups while gaming over WiFi after it starts playing..

I think the test clip was ‘Big Buck Bunny’ which is a free download

Try these;

This link has other links to samples but some of the links are broken;


That's what I thought initially, I'm not sure if i'm setting something up wrong or what but even on my gen3 fire TV I get issues with buffering. I would say it's my server but i've tried 2 different pc's both with the same issue and plenty of power. I know it isn't network because i'm streaming through LAN.


So apparently if you add Plex as a source in Kodi it works flawlessly but I can't run it from the Plex app for fire TV