Plex app for HUMAX



The latest versions of humax box's now have a range of apps which can be installed, they have Netflix, Amazon prime along with all the catchup TV apps, whats missing is a plex app. I did email humax and they said it was down to plex to supply the app and they would be more than willing to add it.

So plex...any chance?

Our windows media center is coming to the end of its life and we would like a one box solution and apart from missing HUMAX FVP4000T 1TB would be ideal apart foprom no plex app on there store.


Agree with this. The old Media center is getting ready to retire - Plex on Humax would be excellent


I agree with this as well.
Humax boxes are sold around the world.


Yes, that would be great! I agree this is pretty much a fantastic one box replacement for Media Center (and it's HD) :D


I would love to see the Plex app on the UK Humax Freesat and Freeview boxes.




P.S Oh yeah I would LOVE to see the Plex app on Humax boxes

:) :) :)


Any movement on this, as plex is no longer available on NOW TV boxes, it being available on Humax would give me an excuse to buy my fourth Humax box as this would give me every thing I needed on one box.


Make that another +1 for a Plex App for Humax - specifically for the FVP4000T, but as across the range as possible.


Make that another +1 for a Plex App for Humax - specifically for the FVP4000T, it would save me buying a Kodu stick just to run plex.


Plus one here.


Plus one for me too


I didn’t think my Humax needed a Plex app as I had my 7500T running Plex served up from Macbook Pro quite comfortably until I ran the latest Plex update today then it died… :frowning: