Plex Desktop app pauses every 15-20mins


I'm running a Plex server with decent hardware (AMX 1950x, 96gb RAM, oc'd to 4ghz - full Cat 6 connection between PCs).

However, on the downstairs PC recently, a movie paused every 10-20 mins and then just had the spinning circle until I rebooted the PC. I went upstairs to see if it was my Server that rebooted for an update or something - that would cause playback to hang - and it was rocksteady the entire time.

The only thing I've played with is the buffer amount to transcode but between PCs on teh same network - it's Direct Play anyway.

Any thoughts?


Check the file itself for errors. See Q28 (bottom of page) on the Synology FAQ’s page for a script to check files for errors, link in my signature.

Or, simply try re-encoding the file and see what results you get then. MP4 H.264/AAC or AVC/AAC is the preferred format.