Plex Doesn't work on my Local Area Network without Internet Access



I've Paid for a Plex Pass and when ever i didn't have internet access it worked great over my Local Area Network. it worked so well that i made a mobile server for my motor home. HOWEVER, i updated my media server and now Plex doesn't work unless it's connected to the internet upon boot up of the system.

Does anyone know a work around for this? Plex, can you disable the Internet authentication?

what's the point of paying for a full use membership if you can use it?


however… you can tell Plex not to require authentication for certain networks:
Settings > Server > Network > List of IP addresses and networks that are allowed without auth (advanced setting)


I’ve experienced the same issue after updating my server, now even after changing those settings, I can’t access the server without an active internet connection.

If there is a different workaround please share, or PLEX please provide a fix for this.

I have a raspberry PI that I used as a server on road trips, and after updating PLEX I can’t use it without internet either.


@tom80H i’m having the same issue as emman5000 even after adjusting the setting you’ve recommended the server doesn’t work without internet access. i can restart the pi server with ethernet connected, then disconnect it and it’ll be totally fine. devices can connect and use plex without issue. but once you restart the server without an internet connection, then plex doesn’t authenticate or work.


Plex does not support any local authentication. It must have sustained internet access for any type of authentication and/or Plex Pass features.


@ChuckPA This didn’t use to be the case… i have found “Note: All access to the server requires authentication, regardless of any setting in Settings > Server > Network > List of networks that are allowed without auth in Plex Web App.” which supports your post.

  1. Does anyone know a work around?
  2. @ChuckPA can i download an older version of Plex before this change was made for my mobile server? (could you help me find older versions to download?)
  3. @ChuckPA Does Plex plan on changing this back at any point in the Future to allow offline use??? (it’d be nice to be able to use Plex over my local area network when my internet provider has an outage, like i used to be able to)


That article applies to a “Plex Home” (managed users) and not the core server itself. If you are using a Plex Pass feature (which Home is) then the whole security thing applies including a constant internet connection for authentication.

Turn it all off and you’re home free.

That’s always been the case.