Plex for iOS


NEW: Enhanced filtering 
While online, you can now sort and filter your library content any way you like. 
NEW: Mobile Media Server 
Play your synced content and view content from your photo albums on any other Plex client! 
NEW: Push notifications 
Plex will now alert you when someone adds you as a friend or sends you a recommendation. 
NEW: Universal transcoder (experimental) 
We've unified the media server's transcoders, and now iOS can use the latest and greatest. Among other things, this adds support for more subtitle formats. 
Additional features and fixes: 
- NEW: New photo viewer 
- NEW: Dark theme 
- NEW: All sliders support variable scrubbing speed (just like the movie player) 
- NEW: Better integration of search in sections and channels 
- NEW: Audio boost & subtitle size settings are used for sync 
- NEW: Failed sync transcodes can be retried from Sync Settings 
- NEW: Source icons for online search results 
- FIX: Attempt to direct-play MPEG-4 video 
- FIX: Better response validation (fixes certain sync errors) 
- FIX: The app can now sync from servers that aren't published to myPlex 
- FIX: Sort ordering for sync is more reliable 
- FIX: Various issues with manually added servers 
- FIX: Plex/HT and Plex/Roku player names are detected correctly 
- FIX: myPlex accounts couldn't be created on the device 
- FIX: Offline sections couldn't be accessed in some rare cases 
- FIX: A few other inconsistencies & crashes

Plex for iOS
We're really sorry for the issues some of you have been having with the previous update! Our code monkeys have been working hard over the last few days to track down and eliminate the bugs, and we're updating our testing procedures to help avoid similar mishaps in future. 
Without further ado, here's what's been fixed for this version: 
- FIX: Crash on launch for many users. 
- FIX: Crash when attempting to access photo albums on iOS 5. 
- FIX: Periodic crashes after using the app heavily. 
- FIX: Playback via AirPlay would pause when switching to a different app or locking the device. 
- FIX: Synced channel content was unavailable while offline. 


Plex for iOS



- Playback from older media servers. 
- Improved support for the universal transcoder on iOS 5. 
- Universal transcoder disabled by default. 
- Crash when failing to connect to certain servers. 
- Correct detection of wi-fi iPad 2 (updated version) and iPad mini models. 
- Missing images in detail views for queued/recommended content.


Plex for iOS


We're working on a future update that will improve loading times, but hope to alleviate some of the difficulties users with large libraries have been experiencing with the recent filtering changes. 
Fixed in this update: 
- The old-style "Recently Aired" filter for TV shows has been restored. 
- Filtering by episode or by album is limited to 250 items. 
- The device is allowed to sleep correctly after syncing. 
- The Retry Sync button works correctly. 
- The list of sync items is fetched when a sync is initiated, ensuring items added by other clients (e.g. Plex/Web) are correctly detected. 
- Free space is restored correctly after removing the last sync item from a device. 


Version 3.2

We've been hard at work since the last update, aiming to resolve the main issues experienced by some users since the recent filtering changes, and tracking down the last few remaining bugs with PlexSync. We hope you'll be happy with the latest changes!
New in this version:
- Plex now uses paging when requesting content from media servers, resulting in much faster section loading and filtering. The difference is huge, especially with larger libraries or over remote connections!
- You can now remotely start and control playback on your iOS device from other Plex apps on your network.
- The app will alert you if you attempt to play content which is missing or unavailable (say, from an unmounted drive).
Fixed in this version:
- Many performance and reliability improvements during sync, including a rather horrible bug that could cause all content to be deleted when syncing over a poor network connection.
- The Retry Sync button works correctly again.
- All disk space is released when deleting the last sync item.
- MOV files with MP3 audio now use the transcoder to ensure successful playback.

Version 3.2.1
Just a small update this time to fix a few minor issues: 
- Playback from very old media servers was broken. 
- The mobile server was incorrectly starting up when resuming the app, even if it was disabled in the app's settings. 
- Playing content from the home screen on remote players didn't work. 
- Flinging synced content from the iOS device to a remote player wasn't working correctly. 
- Photos can now be saved to the Camera Roll or Saved Photos album on your device. 


Version 3.2.2

(Adding this after the fact, since it was missing) A few more issues fixed:

  • Improvements to TV Out mode, including fixes for accepting remote playback commands. 
  • Fixed compatibility with recent iOS versions. 
  • Items with multiple versions are now playable when one of the versions is currently unavailable (e.g. on an unmounted drive). 
  • Additional minor bug fixes.


Version 3.2.3

We’re back again with another round of bug fixes. Thanks so much to the forum members who helped us track down some of the more serious issues. We really appreciate your help! Without further ado, here’s what’s been fixed in this version: 
  • We squashed a bug that reared its ugly head when attempting to display items without thumbnail images, which could cause the app to crash on launch or when signing in to myPlex.
  • A potential crash while removing or modifying sync items has been fixed. 
  • Reliability while browsing has been improved further, especially when scrolling rapidly in large library sections. 
  • The browser is more responsive while scrolling. 
  • Multi-part playback works properly again. 
  • Items beginning with special characters outside the device's selected language are now included when browsing. 
  • The “Clear Cached Data” action works again. 
  • We’ve added protection against invalid cache data. 
  • A few minor cosmetic issues have been addressed.


Version 3.2.4

Another round of bug fixes & performance improvements! We updated our crash reporting tools in the previous update & have been getting lots of juicy information about real-world problems. Among the fixes in this version are:

- Fixed a potential crash when loading paged content.
- Fixed a potential crash when saving the currently selected filter.
- Updated auto-discovery code to use more modern techniques & eliminate a very common crash.
- Improved reliability of sync item creation.
- Greatly improved responsiveness when scrolling, particularly on iPad.
- Additional optimizations for paged content loading.
- Fixed media flags not displaying immediately when opening detail views.
- Fixed an occasional crash when dismissing detail views.
- Changed the overscan compensation mode for TV Out.
- Improved compatibility with newer iOS versions.


Version 3.3

We’re pleased to bring you a brand new release of the iOS app today! Most notably you’ll see we’ve updated the icon, splash screen, and the UI for iOS 7. Baby steps, mind you, we have lots more user interface improvements coming, but at least Plex will look nicely at home on iOS 7 now.


We’ll be back very shortly with more iOS news, but for now, hopefully you’ll enjoy this release!

  • NEW: New look for iOS 7.
  • NEW: Detect URLs on the clipboard for quick queuing to myPlex.
  • NEW: Brand new video player.
  • NEW: Improved music player.
  • FIX: A UI hang when changing connectivity settings.
  • FIX: A nasty bug where entering sections with non-latin characters could crash the app.
  • FIX: Another UI hang when canceling and backing out of a library.
  • FIX: Synced content could sometimes appear mistakingly in Shared Libraries.
  • FIX: Synced content could become unplayable after being reconverted by the media server.
  • FIX: An issue flinging some video content to iOS.

Version 3.3.1
So, yeah, that last release had quite a few bugs. Really sorry about that.
There were a ton of infrastructure changes, and we rushed it to the store because we were super excited to share it with you.
That was a colossal mistake, and we won't do that again.
- FIX: Crash on launch for users running iOS 5.
- FIX: AirPlay stopped working when putting the device to sleep or switching to a different app.
- FIX: Resuming playback was broken.
- FIX: Background music continued to play after starting playback on a remote player.
- FIX: No audio played while the mute switch was on.
- FIX: Playback from old versions of Plex Media Server wasn't working.
- FIX: Playback of non-optimized MP4 files would fail.
- FIX: Seeking during playback was unreliable.
- FIX: Embedded subtitles weren't working when direct-playing media.
- FIX: TV Out using 30-pin adapters wasn't working.
- FIX: Transcode sessions were not shut down correctly.
- FIX: The on-screen display of Plex Home Theater can now be navigated while video is paused.
- FIX: Improved reliability of remote player detection & control.
- FIX: Improved image quality in the player view on iPad.
- FIX: An issue that could cause video playback to fail until the app was restarted.
- FIX: Multiple error messages could be displayed when attempting to play a queued or recommended item.
- FIX: Various crashes.
- FIX: Various minor UI issues.


Version 3.3.2

- FIX: Playback of higher bitrate content from ARM-based media servers.
- FIX: Potential crash when playing synced music.
- FIX: Remote playback of queued and recommended content.
- FIX: Improved video quality when using the Lightning Digital AV Adapter.
- FIX: Minor UI issues.


Version 3.3.3

- NEW: Higher quality settings on recent iOS devices.
- FIX: Crash on iOS 5 when attempting to play video.
- FIX: Re-added the ability to disable the universal transcoder.
- FIX: Video playback would fail after being paused for longer than a few minutes.
- FIX: Resume time wasn't updated when using Chromecast.
- FIX: Certain channel content was unplayable.
- FIX: Media decisions were too strict, preventing playback of content from ARM-based media servers when quality settings were too low.
- FIX: The app rating alert will no longer reappear after installing updates.
- FIX: Various issues preventing remote control of iOS devices.
- FIX: Improved reliability of AirPlay when mirroring is enabled.


Version 3.3.4

- UPDATED: Reliability of server detection on local networks. 
- UPDATED: Improved server management UI. 
- UPDATED: Many localizations have been improved for our international users. 
- FIXED: Playback of videos from old channels (e.g. iTunes). 
- FIXED: Audio stream selection when direct-playing content. 
- FIXED: Direct-play of videos with 5.1 audio streams. 
- FIXED: Playback of synced content with low quality settings. 
- FIXED: Crash when using AirPlay under certain conditions. 
- FIXED: Companion features weren't working after sleeping & waking the device. 
- FIXED: Companion was unable to connect to Plex for Windows 8. 
- FIXED: Navigation control of Plex for Roku is now enabled when using companion features. 
- FIXED: Locally discovered server information was stored by the app & couldn't be removed. 
- FIXED: On Deck & Recently Added now update correctly after playback. 
- FIXED: Additional minor bugs and UI issues.


Version 3.3.5

- Playing synced content on a Chromecast now works. 
- Fixed an issue where videos played without audio. 
- Try harder to Direct Play content coming from low-power NAS devices. 
- Request Dolby Digital 5.1 when playing on external screen (e.g. AirPlay or HDMI). 
- Make sure we send a "stopped" signal when exiting the video. 
- Eliminated a few reported crashes.


Version 3.4.0

NEW - Camera Upload (Plex Pass members only): Find it difficult to easily share photos from a recent event or trip that are stuck on your phone? Or, ever try to take a photo only to realize you've run out of memory on your phone? Now, photos from your phone or tablet can be wirelessly synced automatically to your Plex Media Server.
NEW - Play queues: Now you can queue up videos and music for continuous playback and endless enjoyment. You can randomly shuffle music from an artist, album, or genre, or binge on a TV series or other videos. You can easily reorder, remove, or add more content to your queue. Plex even remembers your queue when you restart your app. This is the first exciting step towards full playlist functionality.
NEW - Chromecast improvements: Plex now supports casting of music & photos. We've also added a content mirroring feature, allowing you to fling the details of your media from your mobile device onto the big screen by tapping the Info button. Also, now the preview period is over, a Plex Pass subscription is no longer requred to use Chromecast!
FIXED - Various minor issues.


Version 3.4.1

First, some general fixes:
FIXED: Playing synced content while offline always started with first item.
FIXED: Attempting to play channel content on Chromecast could cause a crash.
FIXED: The app will correctly check that media files are available before attempting to play.
FIXED: The "Use Mobile Data" switch wasn't working.
FIXED: Attempting to play albums from iTunes caused a play queue error.
FIXED: Crash when reordering synced items in a play queue list.
FIXED: Mobile media server now includes content synced from shared servers.
FIXED: Subtitle size and audio boost settings are sent to Chromecast.
...and some improvements to Camera Upload:
NEW: Continue uploading from where you left off, with an advanced option to upload all photos from the beginning instead.
NEW: New & improved animations.
NEW: The Camera Upload switch is temporarily disabled after being toggled to prevent spamming.
FIXED: Photo uploads would sometimes get stuck.
FIXED: Sometimes camera upload wouldn't stop uploading after being disabled.
FIXED: Camera upload was enabled on first-generation iPads (which has no camera).


Version 3.5

- Playlists! Now you can create your own music or video playlists to fit any occasion, including smart playlists based on genre, collection and more. 
- Movie trailers! After adding trailers to your movie library, you can now view them from the movie info screen, or by long-pressing on movies. You can also turn on Cinema Trailers if you’d like to automatically play trailers before your movies start. 
Both of these new features require Plex Media Server or newer. 
- AirPlay devices have been removed from the in-app player list due to several reported issues. AirPlay devices can still be used by selecting them in the iOS AirPlay menu, or using the dedicated AirPlay button when playing content. 
- Chromecast is no longer supported on devices running iOS 5. Previously, Plex used a pre-release version of the Chromecast software from Google that we were fortunate enough to have access to. Apps are now required to use the final version of the software, which only supports devices running iOS 6 or newer. 
- Some particularly bad bugs that have been around for a while, but were difficult to track down. You should notice an increase in stability during general use. 
- A couple of bugs preventing playback of synced content on Chromecast. 
- A few other minor issues, including playback of content synced to other devices, remote control of the iOS app from the web app and localization of channels.


Version 3.5.1

- FIX: Attempting to play trailers from the home screen would crash the app. 

- FIX: After playing trailers from the Info screen on iPad, the view couldn't be dismissed easily. 


Version 3.5.2

- Improved compatibility with iOS 8.

- Support for the full resolution of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
- Updated Chromecast software from Google.
- Additional minor bug fixes.