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These announcements cover releases to the Plex for Smart TVs preview available to Plex Pass members. Supported devices are primarily Opera TV based devices from Sony, Vizio, and more.

LG app "early access" (3.51.1)
Updates Available to Plex Pass Members
Plex Cloud don't work on Plex LG Smart TV with webOS 3.0

Dec 12, 2014: v2.3.6


  • If you have have a Plex Pass, anyone in your Plex Home can also use the TV app.
  • Present better error recovery steps and explanations.


  • The incessant "Houston" errors plaguing Vizio users has been fixed.
  • The blank gray screen after startup errors also harassing Vizio users has been fixed.
  • Lots of behind the scenes stability and error handling fixes.

Known (in-progress) issues:

  • Sony Bravia televisions (all?) cannot save settings between app launches.
  • Sony Bravia televisions (some?) cannot add the Plex app to "My Apps". Requires navigating the store each time. Eww!
  • Unsupported Sony Bravia televisions are able to install the app.


Jan 15, 2014: v2.3.10


  • Faster startup for users with access to shared / remote servers.
  • Application version displayed in bottom right of startup splash screen


  • Sony Bravia televisions should be able to save settings in between app launches.
  • The Quality settings presented during playback correctly recommend 4Mbps instead of 8Mbps.

Known (in-progress) issues:

  • Sony Opera TV devices will not play MP3 audio streams in video files.
  • Videos with .SRT external subtitles are causing issues for some users.

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    February 16, 2015: v2.3.17
    • Migrate all application storage to more compatible mechanism. The Opera TV devices did not evenly support our previous storage requirements. Most devices will handle this change transparently, yet Sony devices may require you to enter your PIN to re-enter the application. Sorry for the inconvenience. We won't need to transition our application storage again!
    • Screen dimmer kicks in after 2 minutes then blackens entirely after 5 minutes.
    • Global settings dialog and video playback options dialog restyling, bug fixes, and enhancements.
    • Seeking no longer causes a playback halting error message.
    • The video playback options modal displayed during video playback would not open for some videos.
    Known (in-progress) issues:
    • Sony Opera TV devices will not play MP3 audio streams in video files. We're tackling this one next.
    • Sony Opera TV devices sometimes exit the application abruptly. Our Sony devices, KDL-48W600B & BDP-S3100, don't reproduce the behavior. We need your help identifying which models exit abruptly so we can debug further.


    February 16, 2015: 2.3.19


    • Global settings should not display empty "Tester Overrides" group for all customers
    • Vizio P should not display "Receiver Capabilities" section


    March 19, 2015: 2.3.22

    • Updated look and feel.
    • Advanced Video settings (Settings > Video > Advanced) to control Direct Stream / Direct Play. If you run into problems while Direct Streaming try disabling it to trigger a full transcode. If you run into problems while Direct Playing an MP4 file consider disabling Direct Play and see if the problem goes away when the file is Direct Streamed.
    • Hiding video controls and Back button now work for webOS.
    • Fixed Opera TV device PMS profile to enforces AAC audio streams for video. Previously MP3 was permitted but does not work on device. Plex Media Server v0.9.11.16 or greater is required.
    • Fixed playback terminating after 30s if the playback options modal is opened before the video starts playing.
    • Fixed DASH playback (Vizio P series) starting if the playback options modal is opened before the video starts playing.
    • Fixed problems stopping a video before it starts playing.
    • Many more fixes small and not-so-small.


    April 15, 2015: 2.3.25


    • Plex Home: You can now switch to other users in your Plex Home. Each user sees only what you share with them. See the General > Automatically Sign In in the global settings if you want to skip the user selection on every launch.
    • Music: Currently only MP3 and M4A audio is supported. We're working hard to add support for other audio formats like FLAC and ALAC.
    • Photos: You can view photos and have music playing in the background, pretty spiffy.


    • Vizio P Direct Play and Direct Stream compatibility. Make sure you're on the latest firmware then you can experiment with enabling Direct Play and Direct Stream in the global settings menu.


    April 16, 2015: 2.3.26


    • Remove M4A playback support from Sony TVs.
      • We'll reinstate M4A support with our current work to support other audio formats besides MP3. Turns out the Sony TV tries to play an M4A file and kind of succeeds but mostly not.
    • Prevent Sony TV from crashing when navigating in hub content.
      • Our ninja, tcviper, managed to recreate this on his KDL-W905A and W655A. Disabling animation when navigating left and right made the crash go away. We're hoping other customers have the same success!


    April 28, 2015: 2.4.1



    • Photo browsing fixes. Especially around error handling when photos have been deleted from your library or fail to load.


    June 4, 2015: 2.4.10


    • Reduced startup time for all devices. Users with access to multiple servers will notice the largest improvement.
    • Playing music, videos, and photos from within the app is easier. Just press the "Play" button when focused on the item you want to play.
    • Localization support added for many languages.
    • Our mysterious black screen saver of blackness is less mysterious! We now display an animated Plex logo.
    • Screensaver control. You can now control the time until the screensaver displays - or turn it off completely.
    • Video: LG NetCast supports direct playback of MP4 video with H.264 video streams up to Level 4.1.
    • Video: LG webOS supports direct playback of MP4 video with H.264 video streams up to Level 4.2.
    • Video: LG NetCast and LG webOS allow "Original" quality setting. When this is selected Plex will not force a transcode to reduce the video bitrate. Transcoding or Direct Streaming will still occur for subtitles, audio stream switching or playback of unsupported containers.
    • Music: Go to Album and Go to Artist links added to tracks.
    • Connectivity to Plex Media Servers running on machines with VPN connectivity improved.
    • Avoid "An error occurred" errors display when a Library had no hubs.
    • Videos with a high AVC level played via Direct Stream may play poorly. The app supports Direct Stream for h264 video streams up to AVC level 4.1. H.264 video streams with a higher AVC level will be transcoded to level 4.1.
    • Selecting "Allow Dolby Digital (AC3)" in the Setting dialog will now allow MP4 files with AC3 audio to direct play.
    • LG NetCast Direct Stream and Transcoding fixes. Requires Plex Media Server or greater.
    • Starting a Plex Mix from the music player sometimes started audio playback but did not update the screen.
    • Directly clicking on an item in the photo strip displayed in the photo player no correctly selects that item.
    • Stability and bug fixes.

    Known issues:

    • LG webOS televisions are hanging when users attempt to change nested settings like Local Quality, Remote Quality, Audio Boost, etc. Our TV locks too. It'll unlock after some time and the menu is okay. Subsequent interactions with the menus are okay. Super weird. We're on this one.


    June 12, 2.4.11


    • LG webOS: Possible change for televisions hanging when users attempt to change nested settings like Local Quality, Remote Quality, Audio Boost, etc. We haven't made a specific code change to remedy the lock yet testing 2.4.10 no longer locks up our emulator. We're hopeful but not calling it fixed until we get user feedback and hands on time with a webOS TV
    • LG NetCast: We've added logging around startup and video playback. Some NetCast users are reporting that 2.4.10 shows an error message ("browser does not support streaming") instead of playing videos. Other users are playing fine. In our tests we've been unable to reproduce on a variety of NetCast devices and emulators. If you're a NetCast user please see this thread for important information.
    • Stability and bug fixes.


    June 15, 2.4.13



    • LG NetCast: Optimistic fix for some NetCast users are reporting that 2.4.10 shows an error message ("browser does not support streaming") instead of playing videos. If you're a NetCast user please see this thread for important information.


    August 27 2.4.19

    This one took us a while to bring together. Many many positive changes!


    • Channels
    • Filtering and Sorting.
    • Plex Companion.
    • Trailers and Extras.
    • Previous and Next item navigation in pre-play screens.
    • Continuous play for play from season, play from show, play in a channel.
    • Background style preference, choose Blurred or Dim.
    • Video playback seeking controls change to lightweight Plex Home Theater style OSD. While in video playback with a hidden OSD the following buttons perform:
      • Play: show the OSD
      • Pause, seek, fast forward, rewind: perform their action and show he full OSD
      • Left: seek back 10s and show a light OSD
      • Right: seek forward 30s and show a light OSD
      • Up: seek forward 10minutes and show a light OSD
      • Down: seek backward 10 minutes and show a light OSD
      • Although it took a bit of habit breaking to get used to the lightweight controls we hope you'll like it as much as we do.
    • Pressing the Play button works consistently across lists and preplay screens.
    • Support for multi-version movies.
    • Animation is disabled on Opera devices. Many animate extremely poorly.


    • Several fixes in and around music playback.
    • Support for disabling Direct Play returned.
    • Scrolling list of libraries fixes issues for users with excessive number of libraries.
    • Better network handling; CORs requests are simple and no longer require a preflight request. This helps Opera based devices the most.
    • Better error handling when loading server dashboards.
    • Better PIN sign in view error handling and error code presentation.
    • Improve messaging for possible server connectivity errors due to a server requiring secure connections.
    • Esc to exit works when the top bar drop downs are focused.
    • Vizio: 4K 1.0.6+ firmware playback remote control button keycodes.
    • TiVo: from requesting video segments after playback complete.
    • Many more...


    August 31, 2.4.20

    • Play Version now correctly plays the selected version for Library media.
    • Various fixes for music player controls presentation and playqueue pagination.
    • Better Plex Companion error reporting.


    Sept 2, 2.4.21

    • Correct server communication issue experienced by TiVo users on devices supplied by their cable provider.


    Sept 10, 2.4.24


    • Restore ability to direct play MP4 music with AAC audio on all non-Sony smart tvs.
    • TV shows with many seasons now fit the season posters within viewport again.
    • Avoid displaying screensaver during a photo slide show.
    • Error handling around unexpected/improper data retrieved from device storage.


    Sept 25, 2.4.25

    This release is only for TiVo devices.

    • Support TiVo Roamio OTA device.
      • Direct playback of MKV+H264 is supported up to 1080p and MP4+HEVC is supported up to 2160p.
      • Supports HTTPS communication with Plex Media Servers
      • We've reported issues to TiVo regarding sluggish navigation performance and troubles seeking/resuming MP4+HEVC videos.


    We were really quiet in September staying very busy. Many late nights collaborating across our global team and awkward realizations that our 5 o'clock shadows had gone sentient.

    Plenty of progress was made! With the Fire TV and Plex Media Player both leveraging our UI we've got great momentum, and additional help, to fill feature gaps and propel the vision onward. Each of them are the best presentations of the Smart TV app and benefit from superb playback stacks which Plex actively improves.

    Thank you to all the users that have provided support and constructive feedback. We listen to all of it.

    We hope you enjoy this release. We're far from done.

    Oct 22, 2.4.28


    • Feature: Folder and List views. I repeat Folder and List views! They're available adjacent to the library filtering options in the "Browse All" screen.
    • Feature: Massive improvement to the movie Extras design and layout. It's beautiful.
    • Feature: New design for the TV show screen.
    • Feature: Navigate back to a video's library, season, or show from the ... menu.
    • General: HTTPS communication with Plex Media Servers on supporting devices. Support is limited to LG NetCast, LG webOS, and TiVo Bolt. Other devices are limited to HTTP due to device limitations.
    • General: User settings stored securely at to avoid devices corrupting, truncating, erasing, or otherwise mangling data saved on the device.
    • General: Improved continuous play from "On Deck" items. Press the "Play" button on the artwork to continuously play episodes.
    • Design: Adjusted design for library section buttons on server hub and section screens.
    • Design: Adjusted blur level and UI colors for softer feel when "Background Style: Blur" is selected.
    • Performance: Improvements handling and responding to user input.
    • Performance: Smoother navigation of library sections.
    • Performance: Navigation animations have been removed from all Opera TV devices for better perceived performance.
    • Video playback: Local and Online video playback qualities default to "Original" for all devices except Series 4 and 5 TiVo devices. This will help you Direct Play and Direct Stream more easily. If you have playback problems please consider reducing the quality to a stable level.
    • Video playback: User selectable "Maximum H.264 Level" makes it easier to direct play and direct stream videos with AVC levels higher than the recommended 4.0 value. Most devices are fine set to low to mid level 4.1, some devices go much higher. Your individual mileage may vary based on specific video and device combinations. Try 4.1 for starters. If you experience odd video playback behavior please reduce H.264 level to default before playback quality.
    • Video playback: Direct playback of channels that deliver HLS streams, such as Twitch.
    • Video playback: Pressing the primary select button will now show the OSD without pausing playback.
    • Video playback: Stopping playback is much quicker; no more playing video behind the loading dots.


    • The "8" button works again on Vizio televisions.
    • TiVo Series 6 devices default to "Maximum H.264 Level" of 4.1.
    • Server dashboards render correctly when server has no libraries.
    • Sony Bravia TV identification fixes for some models sold in NAFTA territory.
    • Avoid startup errors accessing shared servers if the server has no shared channels.
    • Shared servers no longer disappear unexpectedly from the server selection drop down menu.
    • Pressing "Back" key from the Plex Home screen or Sign In screen will ask a user if Plex should exit on supporting devices.
    • Many other bug fixes or small improvements.

    Known issues

    • Quickly navigating left across hub sometimes doesn't visually move focus correctly to the list of buttons. Logically the furthest button on the left is focused but visually a Continue Watching or On Deck poster may be focused.

    Coming soon

    You made it all the way down here? Congrats! We're testing updated direct play video and music configuration for many TV devices. Many devices even surprised us with MKV support. Also coming, finally, is the much awaited music transcoding. Stay tuned; not long now. ;)


    Oct 22, 2.4.29

    This is a TiVo only release. Thank you to our forum users for reporting issues using the application.


    • Allow devices which do not require a Plex Pass to use the app normally.


    Oct 22, 2.4.30


    • Fix sign out handling on all devices.