Plex for Kodi (add-on)



Release Notes for the Plex for Kodi add-on.


* Fix: Starting a video while audio was playing triggered an error causing issues with OSD/control
* Fix: Selected audio track was not being played with direct play


script.plex v0.0.89:

  • Fix: Selecting non plex pass not managed users caused sign out on addon restart
  • Fix: Playlists view showed empty space when no audio playlists were present and prevented focus


script.plex v0.0.90:
* Localized strings
* Back button now only jumps to top bar when top bar is off screen
* Fix: Errors caused by encoding issues in episodes pre-play and track playback
* Fix: Player settings dialog would sometimes not close without some user input
* Fix: (Issue #25) Increased music playback thumbnail resolution - affects add-on player screen and skin views outside the addon
* Fix: (Issue #24) Items in movie playlists were not playable
* Change: Player settings dialog now puts focus on the selected setting when displaying setting lists
* Change: (Issue #21) Now back button only jumps to top bar when top bar is off screen

Note: This release has had every string put into a file to get ready for localization, so test as your own risk. If you see anything strange, please let us know!

This is the first release candidate for inclusion into the official Kodi Repo.



  • Fix (Issue #23): Pressing a play on a show was not starting on the first unwatched or in progress episode
  • Implement (Issue #30): Decision endpoint handling for proper interaction with streaming brain - fixes related failed playback issues
  • Various minor bug fixes causing fanart screen stalls, etc

This has Streaming Brain implemented, which was initially was not added. If you see anything strange, please report this!

This is the second release candidate for inclusion into the official Kodi repo.


* Fix: (Issue #20) Filtering by unwatched still showed watched items
* Fix: (Issue #33) Photo directories were failing to open from the Home screen
* Fix: (Issue #33) Some photos failed to open from the Home screen
* Fix: Disabling the 'Allow HEVC' setting had no effect
* Added a busy indicator while photos are loading
* Fixes for DVR episodes without episode numbers



  • Fix: Filtering for unwatched movies was causing nothing to be displayed (regression)
  • Fix (Issue #41): Incorrect strings were being displayed on the episode pre-play delete dialog
  • Playlists now load in progressively in the background (Issue #35)
  • Added a dialog on failure to connect when getting sign-in pin (Issue #32)
  • Change posters view so that two rows are always visible


* Now remembers unwatched filter state and sorting selection on library views (Issue #44)
* Fix: Local media was being treated as remote media for playback decisions
* Added a dialog to search for when selected playlists are not accessible by the current user (Issue #42)
* Fixed font issues on episode/movie pre-plays and settings screens (Issue #45)



  • Remove PIL usage
  • Use instead of when requesting pin


script.plex 0.0.97:

  • Add 'Play Version...' to the pre-play options (Issue #34)
  • Added spring loaded playlists to Playlist section on Home screen (Issue #28)
  • Fix playlist composite images
  • Fix: Extending a hub again after a section change was getting starting where the previous extension left off
  • Handle no content and 404 for section hubs on Home screen (Issue #52)
  • Handle no content or no content for filter on library screen
  • Handle videos without duration set
  • Some Home screen hub loading optimization


script.plex 0.0.98:

  • Fix: Was allowing non-Plex-Pass users
  • Fix: Some videos failed to play with certain audio stream selections
  • Fix: Some videos failed to play due to a logging error```



  • Fix some stability issues
  • Fix encoding error on startup
  • Improve fallbaack background quality
  • Fix an error causing opening of photo directories to fail
  • Disable debug logging by default
  • Make Home hub square items smaller
  • Improve startup and shutdown times
  • Fix some server reachability testing bugs and improve performance
  • Possible fix for crashing when shutting down Kodi while the add-on is running
  • Add workaround to allow launching from My Add-ons and shortcuts
  • Fix text cutoff for post-play in Estuary
  • Prevent the add-on from starting another instance on update
  • Skip user select in offline mode
  • Show 'Offline Mode' item in user options when in offline mode - selecting attempts going online



  • Fix incompatibility with requests module update



  • Kodi v18: Fix skin compatability issues
  • Kodi v18: Fix incompatibility with requests module update
  • Kodi v18: Fix issue with playback not resuming properly when direct playing
  • Kodi v18: Fix issue with progress bar not moving on music player/music playlist screens
  • Fix album display on artist screen
  • Fix bug causing failure to show audio player when clicking the mini player from some screens
  • Show original artist when available (Issue #143)
  • Improve centering over label backgrounds on pre-play screens
  • Fix some spots where tokens could still be logged
  • Play correct track when playing a multi-disc album (Issue #148)
  • Improve headers for better identification in 'Now Playing' and future server profile
  • Updated German language strings (thanks to coffinbearer)
  • Fix French translations file (thanks to coffinbearer)
  • Fix some Hungarian translations (thanks to vampywiz17)
  • Add Russion translations (thanks to shady2k)
  • Fix autostart to work with profiles (thanks to pannal)
  • Fix focus loss on home screen due to error (Issue #169)
  • Fix "No Servers Found" when preferred server is unavailable (Issue #159)
  • Fix system keyboard not working for search (Kodi 17+)(Issue #165)
  • Fix issue causing hubs to scroll up when settings were opened
  • Fix failure to sign in when signed off externally (Issue #110, #117)



  • Allow direct playback of episodes and movies using the play button on hub screen (thanks to pannal)
  • In progress watched items had the 'Mark unwatched' option instead of 'Mark watched'
  • Fix an issue causing the home window to start slightly scrolled down if it was closed scolled down
  • Fix an issue causing an error when sort was sort was "BY UNWATCHED" and the filtering "UNWATCHED" (Issue #187)
  • Fix issue with letter shortcuts sometimes being shown/not shown incorrectly
  • Fix a bug causing crash and reboot on startup on Raspberry Pi (LibreElec specific?) - Reverts "Fix autostart to work with profiles"



  • Fix issues when selecting subtitles for users of certain languages (Issue #188)