plex not showing all seasons that are available



I'm having a problem where a tv show folder doesn't show all the seasons that are available.

for example I have a 6 season tv show, but i only get "All Episodes" "Season 1" to "Season 5" displayed, but "Season 6" folders are missing.

what could be the problem?


Are the episodes of season 6 showing via Plex Web?
Otherwise... please share how you’ve structured/named this particular show.


yes, xbox one and plex web are showing the seasons.

maybe its a caching problem? i thought about it after posting this question but haven't had time yet to turn the xbox 360 back on.


I have the same issue,

plex web interface shows all seasons
xbox360 shows all but last season

this is for all shows not just one or two,
going to "All Episodes" and scrolling all the way does show the episodes from the show