Plex on-screen menu won't go away



Please have a look at my attachment before reading this.


I have an issue where the menu items will not go away during a movie or TV show. I have tried removing the Plex app and even deleted it from my downloaded content and then re-installed to no avail. I have tried all buttons on the controller to get the menus to disappear but I noticed my red "B" button does not work. It will make the menu items flash but it seems it's function is broke.


Also I only have a "skip back" button on the on-screen menu as well; you can probably see that in the screenshot. And the triggers for skipping only work for skipping back as well, the skip forward does not work.


Thank you in advance for your input!


Did you find a resolution to this? Mine is doing the same all of a sudden?


Is everyone seeing this? I don't use the Xbox but someone I share to is now experiencing this, I'm on the latest PP server and he's on the latest 360 app.


Same here, I just started encoding movies and testing on xbox 360 Plex app and can't close menu. I assumed it was relating to not having subtitles or unfamiliar acc audio. have tried a few variations W/O luck.


SOLUTION FOUND!!! With some luck I found the answer. Sign into your Plex Pass account on the Plex website and go to the Global App Settings tab located at the top of the menu.

There I made the settings
"Automatically select audio and subtitle tracks" Checked_
"Preferred Audio Language" to____ English______
"Preferred Subtitle Language"__English___
"Auto-Select Subtitle Mode"____Manually___

Entered password and pressed "Update"

I haven't done an extensive test but appears to work nicely now will update as needed


This solution worked for one movie and then everything after had the stupid controls everytime. Whats the next step?


Has anyone found a solution to this yet? I'm having this problem on my PS3.


I just started having this problem myself.


Hi. I have just downloaded Plex on my Xbox 360 for the first time and i am experiencing this issue, i cannot get the on screen menu (info bar) to hide whilst playing a movie. Has any one found a solution to this? thanks.