Plex PS4 UI appears zoomed when compared to PS3



So this is somewhat of a strange one but has been something I have been meaning to ask for a while. I have a PS3 and a PS4 and my console of choice for plex has always been the PS3 however I noticed in a recent post that PS3 is no longer getting any new features added so I decided to switch back over to PS4.

Now to my question: On PS3 the plex UI appears more central and looks less squashed when browsing the library when compared to the PS4. Actually, if I had to describe it the UI appears somewhat zoomed on the PS4 when compared to the PS3. Also, when playing movies or shows I swear the picture is a little bit more zoomed when compared against to the PS3. My description may not be great so if you don't know what I mean I can try and take some photos and attach them to the forum.

I have tried re-installing the app on the PS4 but again it has made no difference. I have also checked the display settings on the PS4 and they are perfect with no zoom in effect.

Has anyone else experienced this or is it just the way it is with plex on the PS4. While I know the PS4 app has some more features I would have expected the overall UI look to be the same.