Plex with jtag/rgh xbox 360?



I'm totally happy with plex on my non rgh 360.
I've used plex on both a 360 and a ps3 and I find the plex app on the 360 to be much better than the ps3 app in general, Some of the lagging in the PS3 app was fixed by swapping the HDD in the ps3 for an SSD But that isn't why I'm here.

I was hoping I'd be able to use plex from my RGH 360 just like I do on my unmodded 360, but a search of RGH 360 forums tells me that plex needs an xbox live account, or uses an Xbox live token of some kind which means If I attempt to use my hacked 360 with plex it will ask me to set up a live account, and more than likely get console banned in the process. This doesn't bother me apart from the fact that obviously if plex requires a xbox live token, it's never going to get one from a console banned console.

Is there any chance a version of the plex app for 360 could be created that doesn't need linking to an xbox live account. Or could the need for xbox live token handshaking be removed from the current version of the xbox 360 plex app?