Plexamp Keyboard Navigation


Hi there Plexers :)

I enjoy the minimalist aspect of plexamp and it does mostly what I need it to. One thing that's annoying me however is the limited keyboard shortcuts, I am able to focus the app by hitting the shift+command+spacebar combo and then can start typing to search, but once the search results show up I can't figure out how to toggle to the list and navigate through it with the keyboard and without having to use the mouse/trackpad... Is there a way to do this entirely with the keyboard or do have to use the mouse/trackpad to browse through the search results and select soemthing?

If this functionality does not exist I would strongly suggest adding it down the line, I feel like the whole point of the app is to be able to get to what we want to listen to quickly, so doing so without having to take our hands off the keyboard is important!

Besides that keep up the great work I'm really digging this little app! It's also much more stable for me than the default player which is a negligible bonus :)


Keyboard navigation is definitely something we’d like to add in the future, I do the exact same thing when I search " oh, whoops" :laughing: