PlexConnect on synology won't uninstall



I installed PlexConnect Baa version. It won't launch so I prefer to uninstall, but uninstall fails. How can I remove from my synology ds213j DSM 6.1'


The recommended way to install PlexConnect in Synology NAS is to follow these instructions


I followed them. But I cannot launch it and also (what I wish) Uninstall. Because is slowing Synology Nas and cannot use Plex adding more folders


Solved thanks to ChuckPa:

You can manually remove it.

Stop PMS
Open Control Panel - Shared Folders.
Give your username permission to R/W in the Plex share
Open File Station
Navigate in the Plex share, through Library -> Plex Media Server -> Plug-ins
Manually delete the .bundle file
Start PMS


What I’ve seen in your threads is that you had difficulties removing Plex Media Server. PlexConnect is a different app, and certainly not a plug-in (I wish it was, this would bring platform independence), therefore it does not installs in the Plug-ins folder. You only need PlexConnect if you use ATV2 or ATV3 as your media player.


Synology should be able to use docker.