PMS performance issues



I recently bought an Nvidia Shield to use for PMS. I am seeing major issue with it. It seems files that don’t need to be transcoded (especially those when subtitles are), are hitting the software based transcoder, causing crazy resource usage, leading to files that never start playing or pause every 30swconds. Using VLC or Infuse Pro on my Apple TV and Apple TV 4K, I am seeing rock solid playback with the same files, playing from the same NAS - so the issue is file type support on the Apple TV or network performance.

Is anyone else experiencing these sorts of issues?


Just noticed a typo in my original post. The issue isn’t file type or network performance to either Apple TV. It seems to be the fact that PMS is forcing unneeded transcoding to them, even when the Apple TV supports them.


After days of messing with the Shield trying improve performance, I’ve realized that it’s a lost cause unless we get the option to force Direct Play. The limitations are on the PMS + Shield combination.

When PMS was running on one of my Macs, I didn’t notice the issue because the Mac had a ton of headroom and was doing the transcoding without blinking, but I shouldn’t need a powerful computer. It’s obvious that the Apple TV can handle the media I’m throwing at it because it plays fine using Infuse.

It’s a bummer seeing as I’m losing a bunch of the functionality I dig about Plex.


Well the reason VLC and Infuse performs better is that they do the heavy lifting of playing or transcoding the video directly on the client. Plex server and Plex pass for that matter does the transcoding on a remote server which has a serious performance penalty. Plex should adopt the client streaming model that Infuse does but keep the library and the metadata information server side.


What version of PMS is running on the Shield TV? The version that ships on the box may be out of date.

What is the transcode reason displayed on-screen?

Does the movie transcode when you’re watching it via the Plex client on the Shield TV?

You can also enable hardware accelerated transcoding to see if that helps.

Also, note that subtitles can cause transcoding, and subtitle support varies from client to client. For example, playing a movie on my Fire HD tablet and displaying text subtitles forces a video transcode. A movie with PGS subtitles will direct play.