Poor picture quality during HW transcode.



I have Qnap TS-251+ nas and plex server running on it.
I bouth plex pass to be able use HW transcode function.
It works well with low hw resources, but in case of low bitrate 1080p movie , the picture quality is very bad.
With sw transcode the picture qualiti is same like the original.
But with hw transcode , the picture is checkered, blocky.



There are a couple of drawbacks to Hardware-Accelerated Streaming:

The video quality may be lower, appearing more blurry or blocky. This is especially true and more noticeable when streaming at low quality levels below 720p. (Hardware-accelerated video encoders are faster, but lower quality than software encoders.)


I understand this, but wery annoying.
For example a 2.9 Mbps 1080p content, with plex, is provide worse quality than SD movie with DLNA.
Is there any chanse to develop a switch into the transcoder settings , to use sw trancode when the bitrate lower than 5 Mbps?
Or something like that? If this quality issue can’t be corrected in the hw transcoder?


Search the feature request forum area for anything mentioning hardware transcoding, and if nothing like your idea, suggest it.
It’s not a bad idea.
I’ve seen other posts ask to allow advanced parameters for the transcoder too. I use handbrake, and it has a way to allow parameters that help QSV acceleration. Though QSV encodes for me with those settings are still not as good quality as software encoding, it’s closer and still 2-3x as fast.


Can we await a picutre quality improvement during HW transcode? Because yesterday i saw the same blocky picture during 12 Mbps 1080p video. This is unacceptable . I paid for a feature what is unusable.