port 80: [Errno 98] Address already in use



All of a sudden my Plex is not connecting to PlexConnect. Plex and PlexConnect run on my Raspberry Pi. It worked the night before and I didnt change or update anything... When I logged in via VNC, I had an message about an update. It was in a message window, how can I view the message in a log and what caused it? I havent run any apt-get updates or upgrades, I literally change nothing between falling asleep and waking up to start it again. The ATV would only show the Computers and Settings icon until I set DNS back to Auto, however now when I set DNS back and access Trailers, it cant find my Plex LIbrary.

17:41:58 PlexConnect: ***
17:41:58 PlexConnect: PlexConnect
17:41:58 PlexConnect: Press CTRL-C to shut down.
17:41:58 PlexConnect: ***
17:41:58 PlexConnect: started: 17:41:58
17:41:58 PlexConnect: Version: 0.5-dev-110616
17:41:58 PlexConnect: Python: 2.7.9 (default, Sep 17 2016, 20:26:04)
[GCC 4.9.2]
17:41:58 PlexConnect: Host OS: linux2
17:41:58 PlexConnect: PILBackgrounds: Is PIL installed? True
17:41:58 PlexConnect: IP_self:
17:41:58 DNSServer: started: 17:41:58
17:41:58 DNSServer: ***
17:41:58 DNSServer: DNSServer: Serving DNS on port 53.
17:41:58 DNSServer: intercept: ['trailers.apple.com'] =>
17:41:58 DNSServer: restrain: ['mesu.apple.com', 'appldnld.apple.com', 'appldnld.apple.com.edgesuite.net'] =>
17:41:58 DNSServer: forward other to higher level DNS:
17:41:58 DNSServer: ***
17:41:58 WebServer: started: 17:41:58
17:41:58 WebServer: Failed to connect to HTTP on port 80: [Errno 98] Address already in use
17:41:58 PlexConnect: WebServer not alive. Shutting down.
17:41:58 PlexConnect: Shutting down.
17:42:03 DNSServer: Shutting down.
17:42:03 PlexConnect: shutdown
17:42:03 PlexConnect: shutdown


Try this https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/find-linux-what-running-on-port-80-command/


Yup, I get this result

tcp 0 0* LISTEN -

I cant see that anything IS using port 80. I dont get it, this problem came from no where???


You really need to find which app is using port 80. Probable candidates are apache and nginx. If you can't modify the ports that those apps are using other alternatives are possible (in the Synology installer there are config files for apache and nginx to allow this).


what package name would be used for Apache and Nginx? I searched the '--get-selections' list and I dont think I have Apache or Nginx installed...


Apache and Nginx are embedded in many Linux distros, not sure about the RasPI. Probably you need to seek advice in a RasPI forum to discover what app is using port 80.


OK well I was able to workout killing python that was using port 80... and when I killed that, SSL port 443 was being used and after killing that I was able to get PlexConnect working and running as the command, but not sure how running on autostart will go.


If python was using ports 80 and 443 then, probably, you had another instance of PlexConnect already running (as a service, maybe).