PS3 and Plex Cloud



I just updated to The full Plex Premium, and I have begun to transfer files to my Plex Cloud using Onedrive. However my PS3 is not working with PLEX Cloud. The link I was sent to, this one States that the PS3 has device limitations. Does that mean it does't work at all with secure connections? Will it ever work with secure connections?


That is correct at mentioned in the Plex Cloud FAQ apps require support of secure connections. The PS3 itself is very old and unlikely to get what is needed for secure connections to work properly with our player app for it.


Hi I’m having same issue… The odd thing is plex cloud was working fine until the past 5 days after a software update on the ps3… Now it won’t let me use it at all.

It’s the only device that I can use with remote. I have ps4 but it takes longer to open plex and then I have to wait 20 seconds to pause it as controller has to turn back on. With ps3 I can use the remote and it takes less then a second

Is there no way anymore? It used to work. I watched several things before now on it.