Raspberry Pi 2 B replacement suggestions



Hi all, I've spent a while tinkering and configuring my old Pi 2 B to find its not powerful enough to run Plex.
What model would people suggest to replace this? Are the Banana Pi's a good alternative option?

Ideally I wanted Plex running on a Pi to help cut power consumption but I am open to suggestions after Windows power management failed me.

Thanks in advance!


I run PMS on a BananaPi. It is the better network I/O performer when compared to the rasPis, but that does not really matter for Plex. CPUpowerwise it is similar to a rasPi 2 or 3 if not even weaker. I.e. in summary, the differences are insignificant when running PMS.

I am happy with the performance of my Pi. I.e. I wonder what makes you think it is not powerful enough. May be you can describe the scenario which led you to this conclusion. Of course you will not be happy if you require transcoding in real time of video streams of not the smallest bitrates.

From your other post I read that your data has to travel from a NAS to the PI and then to your client device. I hope the connection between the Pi and the NAS is wired.


Hi Eckarth,

Thanks for the reply. Yeah I was attempting to get up and running on my old Raspberry Pi to try and lower power consumption. Its proven quite challenging to get my NAS drive mounted to it and now I have discovered that I have been a bit silly as Plex was only installed on a 8GB SD.
I had set it so all of my temp transcoding was going to my NAS, which I really think was slowing the whole process down now.

All of my devices are wired so hopefully my LAN isn’t slowing anything down.

If there isn’t much difference between the Pi’s I might try and make use of a Zotac Nano ID63 Intel Core i3 box, which has 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD. This should be more than enough.

I’m still a learner with Linux so my next challenge I think will be to try and do something with the power management. I would really like the server to sleep when Plex isn’t in use and then wake up when someone connects. I hope this is possible.


I have raspberry pi 3 and it can easily stream 50 gb 4k movie with dlna to my tv…but my hdd is connected to raspberry pi directly


The Pi uses so little power (<2 Watts) when it is idling that it is not worth worrying. Your router will definitely use more. In case you had a HDD attached to it you can have that spin down when not used. That is what I do.