Rasplex can't 'see' my hauppauge wintv-dualhd tuner



I am running the 1.8 Rasplex (I also tried 1.61) on a Raspberry Pi3. The install worked fine and I was able to test my Hauppauge wintv tuner on my PC, but when I plugged it into the Raspberry Pi, no lights come on on the Hauppauge and it does not show up as a peripheral in the Rasplex settings (just the CEC to work the tv remote). I looked for every possible setting in the plex software through the TV, but I did not see anything. Am I missing a setting somewhere, is Rasplex not compatible with the Hauppauge winTV turner, or can I manually add a driver to the micro SD card via my PC. Thanks for your help.



I've not tried Plex DVR myself, but my understanding is that you install the tuner in your server, which then streams to your client (in this case the Pi.)

Rasplex is only client software, so won't find your tuner directly. I'm not even sure if Rasplex is Plex DVR compatible yet...