Reaching a server with forced unsecure connection



I occasionally have issues with direct playback using openpht (e.g. a brief pause to buffer, audio cutting out for a fraction of a second every 10 minutes, etc.). When I had quirky performance issues with rasplex, disabling secure connections fixed the problem and searching around the internet for my problems results in some posts from people that indicate that it might be a problem with using secure connections. However, now that I'm using embedded openpht on an odroid-c2, I have not been able to use unsecure connections.

Technical setup:

Server - headless linux server with a 1600X CPU and all data stored in a raid6 array that has a read speed of 12.5 GB/s (100 Gb/s), so there is absolutely no reason for my server's hardware to be causing any performance issues during playback

Client - OpenPHT on an Odroid-C2 using eMMC storage that I don't sign into Plex and that instead manually specifies the server IP and port

Network - Gigabit LAN with both server and client connected via gigabit ethernet using static IPs. My server is configured to allow all connections over the LAN ( in my case) without auth.

If, in my server config, I switch to disabled, the server goes away in openpht. Flipping it back to preferred brings it back immediately in openpht.

Is there a way for me to get unsecure connections working in openpht so that I can see if it resolves my performance issues?