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Hooligan Plugin Pack
The 0.8.5 H-Bomb pack has finally grown up. I have submitted each of the 5 included plugins, so you can wait for for them to show up in the app store, but where's the fun in that.

The all new and improved Hooligan Plugin Pack 1.0 includes the following: (all US only, unless you can get around it)

1. A working NBC.com plugin: This has current shows as well as a wealth of classics like A-team and Charles in Charge (nicole eggert: rawr)

2. Fox.com: Do you like 24 & Bones but hate Hulu? Here you go. Oh yeah, they have a little show called "The Simpsons" too. You should check it out. I think it will really take off.

3. FxNetwork.com: If you have not seen Sons of Anarchy, do so now. Beg, Borrow, Barter, it really doesn't matter. If you like Hamlet and The Sopranos, you'll love Sons of Anarchy.

4. USA Network: White Collar. One girl, three names. Tiffany. Amber. Theissen. Yes, Kelly Kapowski has grown up and has settled down with a boring FBI agent.

5. TheWB.com: There was a request ticket for this. I did it to see how quick I could code it up. Then I saw all the great shows. Gilmore Girls, Everwood, old Smallville, plus a ton more.

To install:

1. Unzip.

2. Toss them into your ~/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins/ folder.

3. You may need to restart PMS after this. There seems to be either a bug or something wrong with my system where plugins that have changed site configs won't load. On the second load, nothing has changed so it works.

Good luck and good night.


Many Thanks!