REQ: Detect collaborations in music files / Show songs from compilations


Two requests:


1. Plex should detect collaborations, e.g. songs from "D.Kay and DJ Lee", "D.Kay & Epsilon" and "D.Kay and Mat" should all be shown under the artist "D.Kay" and each under the other collaborator's name, too. Currently, Plex creates 3 artists in the form "D.Kay and xxx".


This should also detect featured artists in the Artist- as well as the Title-tag. E.g. Artist: "xxx feat. yyy" or Title "songtitle (featuring yyy)". 



2. Tracks from compilations ("Various Artists") should also appear on the artists's page. So that I can find all songs from e.g. "TC" on their artist page instead of having to search for "TC" and find various songs with "TC" in the title.


I second this request, esp. the issue about the "various artists" / album artist.

it might add some complexity to the database and metadata gathering but otherwise my complilations are not fully usable.


me too, would be really helpful… collabs make my library impossible to sort