[Request] Auto Delete Watched Media



Is it possible to develop a Plex Media Server service that auto-deletes just watched (over X%) media files and associated files bearing same name (subtitles, including subtitles with country code pre-extension ie. file.en.srt)?


This is the only reason why I still use XBMC and not fully Plex - I miss the After Watch plugin that removes watched media from my PC. I download through SickBeard and CouchPotato a huge stream of media, and my hard drive fills up pretty easily, so I love to be able to automate removal of unneeded content. This is sorely missing on Plex side right now. 


While I don't need to delete the files, I second the vote for a configurable (at what % it triggers), and what to do (delete, trigger something else (maybe extendable, so you can auto-update trak.tv or something), etc.)


Auto Delete request here as well.


Same here


Auto archiving maybe, I don't think I'd personally use auto delete ever (pretty easy to add more space to my network). Recode to a user defined max quality setting after viewing. I tend to not rewatch content often, but I do like to keep it on hand just in case.


I would like this feature.


I'd like to request this, too.
Delete watched media after X amount of time.
Could be after a day, week, month or year.


Auto Delete + delete after xDAYS after it has been watched


I'm running this:
(I'm a bit chicken so instead of deleting the media I move it to a delete folder where I check that the "deleted" files really should be deleted...)

You can find it here:


Each tv show (from Plex Server 1.4.x on) has now this in its properties: