Seeing stutters / picture freezing on playback when plex DVR on same Shield is recording.



pms 1.9.1 running on nvidia shield pro, video clients running on the same Shield. (using the Shield as a server and a client at the same time)

Recordings are saved to a NAS. Tuner is a HDhomerun connect. Everthing is ethernet wired (gigabit).

When plex DVR is not recording, I can playback from any services (youtube, amazon video, plex, etc.) without any major stutters / micro freezes. However, when plex DVR is recording, playback on any services has stutters / micro freezes. The feelings is exactly like the processor is too busy elsewhere and cannot keep up with playback. It's not constant, it happens by burst.

There is no logs that I can really show because there is no error.

I'm just wondering if there are other users seeing this problem.


I'm seeing similar when there's any optimisation tasks happening, even when
the only live client is ShieldTV


Did this happen before the update? I have only have had a shield for a few days and went from 1.4 (installed by default) to 1.9.1 - now 1.9.2


No, I see this since I started using the dvr arround version 1.7.2


Im having issues with the recordings themselves stuttering during playback.



I never found a solution. Since then, I acquired a Synology DS418play. So I moved plexDVR on the NAS. I don’t use the Shield to record anymore, still use pms on shield though since the transcoding capability is better than the NAS. So that kind of fix this issue. But it’s never perfect. Since Plex doesn’t support mpeg2 hardware acceleration decoding yet, then the NAS is not capable to do a livetv transcoding session. Not a big deal, but still.