Serenity and Apple TV



For those that have an Apple TV in the house and are looking for a way to cast videos using Serenity to that device, you can do the following.


Serenity and +Koushik Dutta AllCast Beta

If you have an Apple TV device in the house, or have the AirTight app installed on your Google TV, you have an alternative way to fling your Plex media server videos to the TV using Serenity.

This should work with other devices that AllCast supports (note I haven't yet been able to get AllCast to work with a PS 3).

Here is how it works:

1. On Google TV install the AirTight application (I tried+GTVBox ViMu Player while it shows as an option no video starts to play using the ViMu AirPlay player)

2. On your Tablet, start up serenity, and make sure you have System Default player as the Preferred player.  If you have made a player on your system always launch for Video content you'll need to clear that so you get a choice of players to use.

3. Navigate to an MP4 or or MKV file, and select the video to play.

4. You'll be prompted for what player to use, select AllCast

5. It will prompt you for what device to send the video to, select the Google TV or Apple TV device.

6. The video should start playing on the device.

AllCast controls the video playback.

I'll be adding AllCast as an available option to the Fling/Cast With context menu option so that it can be used to toss videos to supported devices just as +Able Remote and the Google TV Remote can be used now.

So along with aVia Player, there is another option to play your Plex Media Server on a variety of TV and settop boxes from your Tablet with Serenity.

To help test AllCast you need to be part of the Beta Community.


Version 1.5.4 of Serenity will add AllCast as an option to the context menu for Cast/Fling.  Long press a video to get the option, then select AllCast.  There will be no need to change the system default player in the future.  As AllCast gets Chromecast support, so will Serenity.