Set Music Player Default to Plex?



Other services (Spotify, Pandora, etc) are able to be set as the default music player on Alexa devices (via Settings). However, Plex is not one of the options. This feature allows users to not have to "ask Plex" or "tell Plex". They can just say, "Alexa, play Mrs. Robinson" and the device will automatically play it through the default device.

Can we get this sort of support for Plex? I assume there's some sort of API to allow for this, or is it a payola situation?


Bump bump.


There's no API for this. Those are Amazon created skills. 3rd party skills aren't able to be set as the default currently.


Seems to me that Plex needs to have a chat with Amazon.


Yes, please, Plex... bought lifetime tonight after I saw I could play music on my alexa devices since Amazon killed off their music uploads. Unfortunately its...not worth the price atm given the way it works :\


Please bump this ... plex please add this