"Shield-TV PMS" No artists shown with Plex on Shield-TV (only title) - maybe BUG?


Hi Plex-Community, hi Plex SW programmers,

I have a big problem with my plexsoftware , which is running with Shield-TV. I’m using the newest Pex Software and as well the newest Shield Software. I want to use my shield-TV mainly as GUI for serching in my big audio database

The following problem occurs:

I have a big collection of Sampler CDs (Various Artists). So I have to search through the lists of my sampler albums.
Only the music title is shown in the list --> but NO artists !!! It’s essential for me to see the artist otherwise I’m not able to go through the album.
Only when I playback one title the whole artist list of the album is shown.

I guess that it is a big bug in the software - It’s extremely important to search with artist name otherwise Plex has no meaning for my usage.
I attached 4 photos for explanation:

(1) with artists - during playback.jpg —> when I’m playback one title of the album
(2) no artists - without playback.jpg —> list when I go through the list (of course normally I’m not playback the album when I’m scroll down the album to search something)
(3)tagging.jpg --> my taggings —> this is showing my tagging
(4) Plex client on mobile.jpg —> On my mobile phone (Plex client) every thing is showing perfectly even without playback ! In that way it should work on my Shield-TV.

Maybe somebody has the same problem?

Maybe somebody are able to help me. I have to admit I’m a PMS novice :wink:
Thanks a lot for a reply in advance!

So long !


PlexWeb used to have the same problem. That Various artists would be shown as artist.

Your ID3 tags seams correct. Nothing wrong there. I would separate the CD's by entering the disc no in the "CD-Nummer" field. This will separate your CD's in PlexWeb. I don't have a Shield myself, but i would guess it is a bug in the Shield App.

You're using german Mp3Tag, so i'm not 100% sure about the column names. Ensure that "Various Artists" is entered in the "Album Artist" field, and the specific track artist is entered in "Album" field. I think it is entered correctly, but just want to be 100% sure.

I would post this in the Nvidia Shield category, and not the Deutsch category. This limits the support you'll get, since only germans look here.


I spotted "FLAC" there... If they are FLAC files, you might be out of luck as Plex isn't capable of reading them.
Source: https://support.plex.tv/articles/200381093-identifying-music-media-using-embedded-metadata/
And: https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/comment/1551011/#Comment_1551011 (even this post belongs to Plex Cloud it seems to be true for the normal PMS too)


@flow said:
I spotted "FLAC" there... If they are FLAC files, you might be out of luck as Plex isn't capable of reading them.

I cannot confirm that. My sizeable collection consists of 50% flac.
It is one of the lossless formats, which has its embedded metatags reliably read by Plex.
It it were different, I'd certainly have noticed by now.

The OPs issue is simply an omission/bug in the Shield client.
The fact that it shows correctly in Android and the web client is proof that it is a client issue.